Aerial Dance Classes


When you choose to attend an AFA Aerial Open Work-Out, please come prepared to practice the skills you already know. The AFA instructional DVD represents the aerial silks curriculum we developed over several years. You are welcome to practice the skills you learn from our instructional DVDs or skills you have learned from other aerial or circus schools or Aerial Yoga classes. Please communicate where you have learned your skills in our registration form. You will be asked to fill out a waiver and registration.

If you have your own equipment, we will take a look at it to ensure it is safe. You are welcome to bring your own equipment although we do have several aerial silks, aerial hammocks, aerial hoops, trapezes, corde de lisse, and straps that we can be put up for use. Remember we have a limited number of points to use.

We have a spot-line for the static trapeze that is over a foam pit.

We welcome performers who are polishing up a routine, or those who want to build strength endurance, or just practice aerial skills.

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