Photo by: Yusuke Yamada
Photo by: Yusuke Yamada
Photo by: Yusuke Yamada
Photo by: Yusuke Yamada

Specialty Workshops

We have experience in helping new aerial dance and Aerial Yoga studios get their programs started. We can help in all parts of setting up a new aerial dance or aerial Yoga program including providing the necessary equipment and advising on curriculum development. With our experience from producing the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival, and performance experience, we can offer consultation on productions and performing.

Our latest workshop in Osaka, Japan offered “Best Practices” for Aerial Yoga.

We have worked with aerial dance and fitness studios in Kansas City, MO, Rochester, NY, Rapid City, SD, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, and Toledo, OH. Here’s what they have to say:

“Aerial Fabric Acrobatics has been so great in helping me establish my Aerial Fitness Program in Ohio. Their assistance from selecting the right fabrics to training our instructors and leading the special workshops has been tremendously important to my studio. They continue to provide consultation and training based on the needs of our program, students and instructors. I am proud to recommend them to others.”

–Paulette, owner of Paulette’s Studio of Dance in Toledo, OH

Please contact Lynn Coleman or call 303-263-0278 for more information.

Before you start:

  • Please provide verification from your building manager or owner that the rigging point or points can each support a dynamic load of 3,000 pounds. Read our blog article for more information on this topic.

  • Host is responsible for flight/transportation costs, lodging, and a per diem. Instruction is $65 an hour. Consultation is $75 an hour.