Aerial Community Resources

Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance
3022 Sterling Circle
Boulder, CO 80301
Ph: 303 245-8272

Iluminar Aerial®
2655 Industrial Lane
Broomfield, CO 80234
Ph: 214-334-6798

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training by Vita-Prana Yoga is opened to registered yoga teachers with a minimum of 200 hour training.

In this 3 day training we explore how to integrate the hammock as another prop into a traditional yoga mat class. The hammock will support the traditional yoga practice and assist with challenging asanas such as inversions and deep back bends. Instructors will learn what should be included in an aerial yoga class, contraindications of aerial yoga, when to progress students from basic aerial yoga classes to more intermediate classes, how to assist students in and out of the hammocks safely, modifications and information and resources for a complete hammock assembly. This training gives CEU’s through Yoga Alliance towards 200 hr. & 300 hour trainings.

Daily Classes, Workshops, Trainings, Retreats, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Aerial Yoga
Thessaloniki, Greece

Claudia Lederer — Claudia has several YouTube videos of instruction.

Aerial Fun and Fitness offers a range of Aerial classes and Aerial Fitness Teacher Training Certification. They have a style for all using Aerial Yoga Hammocks with added acrobatic elements, or traditional Yoga. Relax and manage your stress, or join their classes just for the fun of it. They also offer Aerial Thai sessions.
Aerial Fitness Teacher Training is offered in Newark, Delaware or Phoenixville, Pensylvania locations, or at your location. Training consists of over 100 hours of training along with Master Instructor Training. Application for training available on the Aerial Fun and Fitness website.

Yoga Bliss is a welcoming studio, offering a variety of yoga classes including; Aerial Yoga.
We offer several Aerial and non-Aerial classes weekly. In addition to weekly classes, we offer regular workshops, intensives and a comprehensive Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Program is a 50-hour training, geared towards existing yoga teachers and trained fitness instructors. During the course, students will learn over 100 Aerial Yoga poses (training manual included), sequences for both active and more restorative practices, safety and rigging education and an overall deepening of knowledge and education of yoga and of Aerial fitness.

All our trainings (workshops, teacher trainings, etc…) are offered with a dedication to quality, experience and commitment to the highest standards of education in yoga.

Aviana is an international aerial yoga company specializing in aerial yoga teacher training certification programs, workshops, intensives, class series, retreats, and consulting services.