August 2016

It was a pleasure to attend the Boulder Aerial Dance Festival during the second week of August. It was super to see the showcase featuring such unique acts! One of the aerialists who performed and presented workshops was Tanya Burka. Tanya is a phenomenal aerialist and super aerial instructor. Lynn and Tanya had a wonderful… Read more

July 2016

We offered a summer special for all of our newsletter subscribers. Our customer base is world-wide and we are happy to provide quality aerial equipment to over 100 countries. We continue to refine our products and starting in July, we have uploaded one new component of our curriculum everyday. Thanks to the skills of David,… Read more

June 2016

Since 2003, we have enjoyed offering classes and open work-out sessions at the gym! Our program helped thousands of people learn aerial skills. We offered performing opportunities to our advanced students, produced student shows twice a year, and are proud of the aerial silks curriculum we developed, under the program direction of Tatanya Hamermesh. We… Read more

May 2016

Over the past year we have enjoyed offering trapeze night. It has been a pleasure to watch the antics of Tony and Nicky of the Imperial Flyers develop the nuances of their duo trapeze comedy routine. Their practices brought lots of laughter to everyone! Bayard and Lynn perfected quite a few duo trapeze poses and… Read more

April 2016

Our Japanese customer base has been growing over the past couple of years. We were happy to offer an Aerial Yoga workshop for Mr Fumimoto’s instructors in Osaka at Studio Core. With the help of Kaori, a wonderful translator, everyone understood the instruction! While in Osaka, Lynn met Akane who has two Aerial Yoga studios,… Read more

March 2016

Lynn prepares to visit our customers in Australia and Japan. She will be visiting 10 studios and is looking forward to posting photos on Instagram and Facebook! Lynn visited our Australian customers who have been purchasing aerial silks for Circus Arts and for Aerial Yoga. It was fantastic to meet everyone! First stop was on… Read more

February 2016

We celebrated the Bronco football team’s victory at the Super Bowl! We stress tested our fabrics and will be having an upcoming video showing what happens when the fabric is stressed to breaking point. We also celebrated the surf competition known as the Eddie in Hawaii by putting our Aerial Peacock Blue Tricot on special…. Read more

January 2016

Best wishes to everyone for a super year ahead! We are happy to share photos from our customers located in Israel, Thailand, and in Japan. It is a pleasure to receive photos from our happy customers. Max du Soleil in Chiang Mai Thailand has opened a new studio and sent photos of his classes. We… Read more

December 2015

It was a pleasure to visit a Parkour and Aerial studio in Baltimore. We were happy to meet our customers needs in time for the holidays! We love that our aerial fabric is in use in performances and studios all over the world and in the US. We are sharing a photo sent by Paige… Read more

November 2015

We are happy to work with Kacey Cole a professional photographer who created new photos for the Aerial Fabric web site. Kacey photographed Bayard and Lynn in the Aerial Hammock. We appreciated Kacey’s experience as an aerialist and wish her well with her new photography business: Kacey Cole Photography.

October 2015

Lynn was honored to meet Elena Mouratidou who has been a loyal customer of AFA for many years. Elena offers Aerial Yoga Teacher Training at her Anahata Yoga Studio in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was fantastic to experience a Dharma Yoga class with Elena, and an Aerial Yoga class with Xenia. Katerina, one of Elena’s students… Read more

September 2015

Lynn took a trip to Europe to visit studios who have purchased aerial fabric from Aerial Fabric Acrobatics recently and for many years. She visited one of our newest studios in Warsaw Poland, Oxygen Family Fitness. It was also a pleasure to meet Claudia Lederer in Munich and take one of Claudia’s Aerial Yoga classes. … Read more

August 2015

Our sister website, Aerial Yoga Hammocks is one year old! We have started exploring the benefits of using the Aerial Yoga Hammock for massage. Some of our customers are purchasing hammocks for their massage business. David, our massage expert tries the hammock for a more relaxing foot massage for his client. Barca, Production Manager of… Read more

July 2015

AFA has been the main sponsor of the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival for 5 years. This year it was fantastic to partner with the Millibo Art Theater to produce the Circus of the Night show, and to have the help of many volunteers including Anna from Workaway who helped with the social media campaign.

June 2015

We are happy to have the addition of Trapeze Open Work-Outs on Monday nights and Thursday nights. Trapeze is super for cross-training and increasing upper body strength. It is also a lot of fun! Featured in photos, Bayard, Nicky, and Tony.

May 2015

Lynn visited NY and the Caravan Stage Company ship. Paul Kirby and Nans were gracious hosts and showed Lynn and Tatanya around the ship that serves as a stage for their shows. The performances include aerial acrobatics and political satire. Aerial Fabric is now supplying fabric to a couple of new countries: Poland and Zimbabwae…. Read more

April 2015

In the bright spring sun, we tested the tricot, tricot with stretch, and interlock colors to see which ones faded in sunlight. We knew that the Turquoise Tricot with Shine would fade in just one hour of sunlight. The Jade color faded in two hours of sunlight. We found that all the other colors in… Read more

March 2015

Lisa Natoli Aerial Fabric Workshop Jane Kratochvil image

AFA was happy to again offer workshops with aerialist Lisa Natoli. Lisa presented a series of workshops focused on transitions used on aerial silks and corde de lisse. Lynn met with Holly Johnson of Aviana Yoga and learned more about her Aerial Yoga teacher training. Aviana will be presenting a new book for those wanting… Read more

December 2014

Aerial Fabric sponsors the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival Holiday Card

Happy Holidays are sent to all those who made the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival such a success! Aerial Fabric Acrobatics has been a $20,000 level sponsor of the Festival for 4 years. The company has been proud to have helped 80 aerialists in sponsoring an event that has helped aerialists with their careers, and introduced… Read more

October 2014

Aerial Fabric Amy Nash Duo Silks Workshop

Aerial Fabric was happy to host Duo Silks workshops with Amy Nash. Amy is a circus performer who has been touring the world with different shows. She was in Denver between gigs and shared her knowledge of basic skills in Duo Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop. Her workshop participants gained valuable transition moves and a… Read more