About The Producer


Lynn Coleman is an entrepreneur with a zeal for connecting people in projects as disparate as the Board of Education and Flying Trapeze. She grew up in a performing family that helped her develop a passion for discovery.

Her father performed flying trapeze as a young man and began preparing Lynn to become an acrobat when she was six months old. Her family toured the U.S. and Canada performing trapeze, trampoline, clowning, and hand-balancing. They toured Europe with Holiday On Ice. History of Circus in Denver

Carrying on the family tradition of trapeze, Lynn and her father formed Thin Air Trapeze in 1998. This non-profit helped introduce flying trapeze to over one thousand people during the four years it was in operation.

In 2002, Lynn created Aerial Fabric Acrobatics the main sponsor of the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival.

Since 2002, Aerial Fabric Acrobatics has trained hundreds of aerialists the art of performing with weekly and monthly shows in the Denver area including shows at Denver’s Pepsi Center and Broomfield’s First Bank Center. The company was formed to help people do what they never dreamed possible. In this spirit, Aerial Fabric Acrobatics developed a curriculum available in DVD, offered classes, and continues to provide quality aerial equipment around the world.

Creation of the Festival:

In 2010, Lynn teamed up with other aerialists and took a portable aerial stand to the local Burning Man regional festival, Apogaea. This event sparked the dream of creating a festival where aerialists could perform and learn from one another. Lynn also traveled to Hong Kong to judge an aerial and pole competition. Her company, Aerial Fabric Acrobatics was a sponsor of this competition.

After researching standards of aerial and circus festivals around the world,  Lynn reached out to a friend and former Cirque du Soleil coach, Marshall Garfield for his thoughts. Marshall provided consulting services along with countless hours of conversation in creating this first-of-its-kind event.

From the beginning, the Festival has had an energy of its own that has brought to itself what it needed. It has attracted not only aerialists from all across the U.S. and other countries, but it brought together experts and professionals in circus, music, lighting, rigging, graphic arts, photography, videography, financial backing from Aerial Fabric Acrobatics, and the dedication of hundreds of volunteers. Partnerships with venues were formed, a collaboration with the University of Colorado at Denver. And in 2015, the Festival partnered with the Millibo Art Theater.

The Festival has been inspirational to not only those who came to Denver to participate in the event, but to others who have been inspired to create their own Festivals.

Although the annual Festival shows will not continue, the goal of connecting the aerial community does continue. The future will bring new opportunity and Lynn will continue to follow her passions with a circus spirit of innovation and discovery.