Instructional DVD Level 4


Aerial Fabric Acrobatic Curriculum Instructional DVD Level 4 is geared for advanced-intermediate aerialists.

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Aerial Fabric Acrobatic Curriculum Instructional DVD Level 4
Specific Conditioning, Thigh Drop Series, Coffin, Pagoda Pop, Corset Series, Iron Cross, Inverted Splits, Fish Hook, Hip Key Drop Combinations, Single Pencil Drop.

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Can these DVDs replace traditional teaching in a studio?
We recommend that you train at a studio with other aerialists when possible. However, if there is not an aerial studio in your area, you can use our instructional DVDs to guide you through sequential skill mastery.

Is it safe to teach and practice by yourself as a beginning or intermediate aerialist with these DVDs?
No, we recommend that you always train with another person present.
“We understand that many studios name the same poses different names. Because of this, we slowly move through each move with very detailed instructions so that even if the poses may be named differently, it will be obvious which is which to both students and teachers.”


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