When Aerial Fabric Acrobatics founder Lynn Coleman was little, she became part of an extended family of clowns, trapeze artists and high-wire walkers. Thanks to her father, Ben’s love of entertaining audiences and a penchant for the trampoline and flying trapeze — which he learned at Denver’s YMCA — Lynn was born into a “circus family” and by age three was the “Dolly” in the family act “Mr. B. And His Dolly.”  On her father’s cue, she exploded from a top hat in a hand-balancing act that took the family to circuses and fairs all over the United States. After Ben set his sights on traveling throughout Europe, everyone in the family learned to ice skate and joined the International Holiday On Ice.

Lynn’s love for performing drew her to fly trapeze for the Shrine Circus, perform as an aerial dancer using the bungee trapeze and aerial silks, and focus her training on dance, fabric acrobatics and gymnastics. Her passion for everything aerial has led to teaching international workshops, and producing the first Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival in Denver,  from 2011 to 2015. Lynn’s  lifelong commitment to her art led her to create Aerial Fabric Acrobatics a company that trained performers, taught aerial skills, and provided quality equipment to the aerial and Yoga communities.

Her daughter Tanya, whose love for aerial silks led her to create her own aerial dancer act with help from her professional flyer mother and rigging advisor, Grandpa Ben.

Today, Lynn is still teaching, flying, and working with performers, yoga studios, and traveling to meet with her Aerial Fabric Acrobatics clients worldwide. She designs most of the equipment she sells, seeks out the highest quality materials and continues to consult with professionals in the industry to deliver the best and safest equipment available to professional and amateurs alike.

Lynn now makes her home, along with her Cocker Spaniels in Northern California.  She loves to help customers take their aerial adventure to a new level!