Aerial Show

Aerial Fabric offers these guidelines for performers to consider when asked to perform at parties, events, corporate functions, etc…


Performers please check your costume in a practice session prior to your show.


Performers check your equipment prior to performing, ask if the venue can provide a lift or access to your point.

Lighting and Sound

This should be provided by the venue. We recommend wearing ear plugs if performing in nightclub or loud parties.

Venue Access

We recommend you tour the venue at least one week prior to the date of your performance to assess rigging and equipment needs.

The venue tour must be accompanied by a contact person for the venue and personnel responsible for the building.

Access to venue within 48 hours of the date for rigging and equipment check is advised.


We recommend all performers are covered by their own health insurance, and performance insurance.


We recommend you be able to access the ceiling structure and attach apparatus via ladders, cat walks, lifts, or hoists.

Aerial fabric

  • Ceiling height: 14 feet plus
  • Attachment points: one per fabric
  • Weight load: 750 lbs each
  • Performing space: 4′ x 4′

Aerial hoop

  • Ceiling height: 12 feet plus
  • Attachment points: one per hoop
  • Weight load: 500 lbs each
  • Performing space: 4′ x 4′


Please factor in all your costs when structuring what you expect to be paid. Refer to the many blog posts which discuss what you should charge for an aerial performance.

Other Questions:

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