In the bright spring sun, we tested the tricot, tricot with stretch, and interlock colors to see which ones faded in sunlight. We knew that the Turquoise Tricot with Shine would fade in just one hour of sunlight. The Jade color faded in two hours of sunlight. We found that all the other colors in the different types of fabric did not fade even though we left them in the sun for over 11 hours. This does not mean that aerial fabric should be left in the sun for 11 or more hours, but if you are doing a show in the sun, using a portable rig, your aerial fabric would only fade if it is either turquoise or jade. We also tested the sun faded fabric to see if the tensile strength was impacted by the sun. The stress test showed that the sun does not alter the strength of the fabric.

Example Sun fading Turquoise


In other news, artists from across the US and Canada have been invited and have accepted the invitation to perform in the 5th Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival. Tickets are now on-sale for the shows.