We assemble our Aerial Yoga Hammocks by “choking” the multiple link or runner directly around the fabric of the hammock. This requires no special knot tying, and it does not create a friction burn, and it reduces the amount of hardware. It is easy to assemble and easy to change the height of your Aerial Yoga Hammock from the floor. We add a half hitch for safety. Please visit our Video Tutorials for videos showing how to choke a multiple link onto the fabric and also how to attach runners to a basic hammock.

We have seen videos showing how to tie Aerial Yoga Hammocks to a small caribiner. We do not recommend this method. There are a few reasons why.

  1. If your caribiner is smaller than a pear link, less than 3” at the bottom it is difficult to fit the fabric into the carabiner. Aerial Yoga Hammocks are assembled with Tricot which is 109 inches or 9 feet wide and 100% Nylon. This is a lot of fabric to fit in a small caribiner. You can snag the fabric when you are trying to get it in the caribiner or, you can snag the fabric when you try to close the caribiner.
  2. If your caribiner is smaller than 3” at the bottom, the tricot will slide on itself and can create a friction burn without much effort or much use. Friction burns create holes. Tricot is 100% Nylon and melts when the fabric slides back and forth on itself. When the fabric melts it can look like a burn with black edges, puckering, or a hole.
  3. If you use a pear link that is 3” at the bottom, or a caribiner that is this size, you need to absolutely know which knots will stay tied and not come undone with you in the air. If your knot fails, you have compromised your safety. Also, if you use what is referred to as a “slip-knot” it can tighten around the carabiner making it very difficult to untie when you want to wash your fabric.
  4. If your fabric has been weakened from a friction burn at the attachment point then the strength of your Aerial Yoga Hammock is compromised. You need to replace the fabric.
  5. Examine your fabric at the attachment point for any sign of wear or holes.

If you find any holes, or burns, please retire the fabric of your Aerial Yoga Hammock. Please examine all your equipment and consider these tips to help you stay safe and enjoy your Aerial Yoga Hammock for many hours.