It was a pleasure to attend the Boulder Aerial Dance Festival during the second week of August. It was super to see the showcase featuring such unique acts! One of the aerialists who performed and presented workshops was Tanya Burka. Tanya is a phenomenal aerialist and super aerial instructor. Lynn and Tanya had a wonderful visit catching up on how the aerial community has grown and changed since Tanya was a judge for the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival.  Over the years since 2011, there are more aerial schools, new aerial festivals, and more performing opportunities for aerialists, choreographers, and producers.

We offered a summer special for all of our newsletter subscribers. Our customer base is world-wide and we are happy to provide quality aerial equipment to over 100 countries. We continue to refine our products and starting in July, we have uploaded one new component of our curriculum everyday. Thanks to the skills of David, we have completed our Level 1 Aerial Instructional Curriculum. We will continue to post daily videos. We have close captions on the videos so our customers who speak other languages can read the instruction in their language.

Since 2003, we have AFA Bayard & David Dardano'sPacking up the Gymenjoyed offering classes and open work-out sessions at the gym! Our program helped thousands of people learn aerial skills. We offered performing opportunities to our advanced students, produced student shows twice a year, and are proud of the aerial silks curriculum we developed, under the program direction of Tatanya Hamermesh. We are thankful to Larry Dardano who allowed us to use his gym as a great place to build a strong program. We offer our full DVD series on our Aerial Instructional page. Our curriculum was developed with the help of Tatanya Hamermesh, Lynn Coleman, Jamey Atchison, Liz Smith, Jennifer Wilcox, Jill Katzenberger, Julie Rattelmeuller, Eric Pung as well as all our Independent Contractor Instructors and Workshop leaders.

Bayard, David, and Lynn packed up the equipment and said goodbye to the gym program at the end of June. As we post our curriculum on our website we continue our strong tradition of offering instruction to the aerial community.

Tony & Nicky Dress RehearsalTrapeze Bat HangTrapeze Bayard & LynnTrapeze Heel HangTrapeze Toe HangOver the past year we have enjoyed offering trapeze night. It has been a pleasure to watch the antics of Tony and Nicky of the Imperial Flyers develop the nuances of their duo trapeze comedy routine. Their practices brought lots of laughter to everyone! Bayard and Lynn perfected quite a few duo trapeze poses and combinations. David filmed and offered suggestions to help Tony and Nicky’s routine. We all had fun as we developed new trapeze maneuvers!

AFA Lynn Teaching WorkshopAFA Osaka stuents at workshopAFA Osaka WorkshopOur Japanese customer base has been growing over the past couple of years. We were happy to offer an Aerial Yoga workshop for Mr Fumimoto’s instructors in Osaka at Studio Core. With the help of Kaori, a wonderful translator, everyone understood the instruction! While in Osaka, Lynn met Akane who has two Aerial Yoga studios, one in a temple where Sumo wrestlers practice. It was fantastic to meet Kasumi owner of Yoga Fitness Studio and to learn she also is a practicing aerial hoop artist.

With Akane and Kaori translatorAFA customer KasumiAFA at CORE with Mr Fumimoto Kaori and students

Tammy & LynnYoga Center AdelaideLynn prepares to visit our customers in Australia and Japan. She will be visiting 10 studios and is looking forward to posting photos on Instagram and Facebook!

AFA making notes for Aerial Hammock workshop

Lynn visited our Australian customers who have been purchasing aerial silks for Circus Arts and for Aerial Yoga. It was fantastic to meet everyone! First stop was on the Gold Coast to meet Tammy Zarb of Industry Aerial Arts. Tammy has been a customer with AFA for over 10 years. Kylie Ramsden with MyBodyMyTemple offers Aerial Yoga on the balcony of her lovely studio and home. In Adelaide it was a pleasure to visit Craig with Aerial Arts Adelaide and Jane Doyle of Energy Clinic, and visit The Yoga Center Zoe’s Aerial Yoga studio. In Perth Lynn met Sayshie of Rafters Mind Body Air and Rebecca and Sarah of Kinetica.

AFA visiting Tammy Zarb AustraliaAFA hammocks Kylie and LynnVisiting Jane Doyle at Energy ClinicRafters Aerial Sayshie and LynnKinetica Rebecca and Sarah

We celebrated the Bronco football team’s victory at the Super Bowl!

We stress tested our fabrics and will be having an upcoming video showing what happens when the fabric is stressed to breaking point. We also celebrated the surf competition known as the Eddie in Hawaii by putting our Aerial Peacock Blue Tricot on special. It is the closest color we have to ocean blue.AFA stress test of fabric AFA Peacock Blue Tricot AFA Bronco Super Bowl Win

Best wishes to everyone for a super year ahead! We are happy to share photos from our customers located in Israel, Thailand, and in Japan. It is a pleasure to receive photos from our happy customers. Max du Soleil in Chiang Mai Thailand has opened a new studio and sent photos of his classes. We are happy that so many of our customers can share their positive experiences with their Aerial Yoga Hammocks.

AFA Hammocks in use Israel AFA customers Chiang Mai AFA customer Chiang Mai AFA customer Japan AFA customer Max du Soleil

It was a pleasure to visit a Parkour and Aerial studio in Baltimore. We were happy to meet our customers needs in time for the holidays! We love that our aerial fabric is in use in performances and studios all over the world and in the US. We are sharing a photo sent by Paige Borowski in performance.

AFA Customer Paige Borowski AFA Baltimore AFA box packed

We are happy to work with Kacey Cole a professional photographer who created new photos for the Aerial Fabric web site. Kacey photographed Bayard and Lynn in the Aerial Hammock. We appreciated Kacey’s experience as an aerialist and wish her well with her new photography business: Kacey Cole Photography.
AFA Bayard Trapeze AFA Kacey Hoop AFA Bayard pose AFA Yoga Hammock

Lynn was honored to meet Elena Mouratidou who has been a loyal customer of AFA for many years. Elena offers Aerial Yoga Teacher Training at her Anahata Yoga StudioAFA hammocks with Xenia at Anahata Studio AFA with Elena at Anahata Studio Thessaloniki with Katerina in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was fantastic to experience a Dharma Yoga class with Elena, and an Aerial Yoga class with Xenia. Katerina, one of Elena’s students who recently completed the Anahata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Elena showed Lynn around Thessaloniki. It was wonderful!

Lynn took a trip to Europe to visit studios who have purchased aerial fabric from Aerial Fabric Acrobatics recently and for many years. She visited one of our newest studios in Warsaw Poland, Oxygen Family Fitness. It was also a pleasure to meet Claudia Lederer in Munich and take one of Claudia’s Aerial Yoga classes.  Claudia offers teacher training through her company Free Floating Aerial Yoga Lynn was very honored to visit Guendalina Stefani’s studio Santhiya Centro Pilates offering Aerial Yoga, Pilates, and Ftiness in Mirandola, Italy. AFA Claudia in Yoga Pose AFA in Warsaw at Oxygen Fitness Photo Rober Badurak AFA Lynn & Claudia in Munich AFA with Guenda at her studio Sanyitha AFA with Guenda at Sanyitha Italy AFA with Rossana in hammockIt was great to see our Purple and Lavender hammocks at Rossana’s new Aerial Yoga studio in Ferrara, Italy.

Our sister website, Aerial Yoga Hammocks is one year old! We have started exploring the benefits of using the Aerial Yoga Hammock for massage. Some of our customers are purchasing hammocks for their massage business. David, our massage expert Aerial Fabric use of hammock for massage AFA Festival crew in Yoga Hammocktries the hammock for a more relaxing foot massage for his client. Barca, Production Manager of the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival takes a much needed nap after the Festival.

AFA has been the main sponsor of the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival for 5 years. This year it was fantastic to partner with the Millibo Art Theater to produce the Circus of the Night show, and to have the help of many volunteers including Anna from Workaway who helped with the social media campaign.AFA supports Aerial Festival Circus of Night Workaway volunteer Anna helping the Festival AFA sposored Festival opening meal

We are happy to have the addition of Trapeze Open Work-Outs on Monday nights and Thursday nights. Trapeze is super for cross-training and increasing upper body strength. It is also a lot of fun! Featured in photos, Bayard, Nicky, and Tony.Aerial Fabric Trapeze Open Night June AFA Trapeze Group Action

Lynn visited NY and the Caravan Stage Company ship. Paul Kirby and Nans were gracious hosts and showed Lynn and Tatanya around the ship that serves as a stage for their shows. The performances include aerial acrobatics and political satire.

Aerial Fabric is now supplying fabric to a couple of new countries: Poland and Zimbabwae. Our tricot will be used in shows by a YMCA club who is performing in Zimbabwe and the Ukraine.

Paul Kirby Tanya Lynn

In the bright spring sun, we tested the tricot, tricot with stretch, and interlock colors to see which ones faded in sunlight. We knew that the Turquoise Tricot with Shine would fade in just one hour of sunlight. The Jade color faded in two hours of sunlight. We found that all the other colors in the different types of fabric did not fade even though we left them in the sun for over 11 hours. This does not mean that aerial fabric should be left in the sun for 11 or more hours, but if you are doing a show in the sun, using a portable rig, your aerial fabric would only fade if it is either turquoise or jade. We also tested the sun faded fabric to see if the tensile strength was impacted by the sun. The stress test showed that the sun does not alter the strength of the fabric.

Example Sun fading Turquoise


In other news, artists from across the US and Canada have been invited and have accepted the invitation to perform in the 5th Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival. Tickets are now on-sale for the shows.

Lisa Natoli Aerial Fabric Workshop Jane Kratochvil image

AFA was happy to again offer workshops with aerialist Lisa Natoli. Lisa presented a series of workshops focused on transitions used on aerial silks and corde de lisse.

Lynn met with Holly Johnson of Aviana Yoga and learned more about her Aerial Yoga teacher training. Aviana will be presenting a new book for those wanting to learn more about how to use Aerial Yoga Hammocks. We have formed a positive relationship with Aviana and our sister site:

We updated our images for the Tricot with Shine Special Order. We offer a range of colors from Neon Yellow to deep Burgundy.

Aerial Fabric sponsors the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival Holiday Card

Happy Holidays are sent to all those who made the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival such a success! Aerial Fabric Acrobatics has been a $20,000 level sponsor of the Festival for 4 years. The company has been proud to have helped 80 aerialists in sponsoring an event that has helped aerialists with their careers, and introduced Denver audiences to artists who have come to town from all over the country. Our holiday card featured two artists from Philadelphia who performed an innovation on slings. Nicole Burgio and Kendra Greaves. The photographer: Scott Murphy and graphic artist, Suzie Shapiro.

Aerial Fabric sponsors the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival Holiday Card
Aerial Fabric sponsors the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival Holiday Card
Aerial Fabric Amy Nash Duo Silks Workshop

Aerial Fabric was happy to host Duo Silks workshops with Amy Nash. Amy is a circus performer who has been touring the world with different shows. She was in Denver between gigs and shared her knowledge of basic skills in Duo Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop. Her workshop participants gained valuable transition moves and a better understanding of both the apparatus. Also in October, Ashley Smith and Daniel Nolasco, winners of the Best Artistic Award on Duo Trapeze in the 2014 Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival presented a workshop on Duo Trapeze. They shared their fluid style of movement with workshop participants.

Aerial Fabric after trapeze at Circus Warehouse NY
Aerial Fabric after trapeze at Circus Warehouse NY

Lynn visited Montreal in October and enjoyed Genevieve Bessett’s one woman show on Aerial Hoop, directed by friend and artistic director of the Denver Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival, Marshall Garfield. The show was an outstanding production, very contemporary and unique. While in Montreal, Lynn was happy to visit with Cynthia St Amand who performed solo trapeze at the 2012 Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival. She saw Rachel Walker, who was a judge in 2012 at the Denver Festival. It was great to see Anna Vigeland, who served as a judge at the 2014 Festival. Lynn also spent time in NY City. It was great to learn trapeze skills at Circus Warehouse. She was happy to see Tatanya Hamermesh, former director of classes with Aerial Fabric.

Aerial Fabric Amy Nash Duo Silks Workshop

Aerial Fabric Duo Silks Workshop with Amy Nash

Aerial Fabric Workshop Duo Silks with Amy Nash

Aerial Fabric Workshop with Amy Nash Action

Aerial Fabric at Cavalia Odysseo with Rachel Gauthier
Aerial Fabric at Cavalia Odysseo with Rachel Gauthier
Aerial Fabric with Rachel Gauthier at Cavalia Odysseo Backstage
Aerial Fabric with Rachel Gauthier at Cavalia Odysseo Backstage
Aerial Fabric backstage at Cavalia Odysseo
Aerial Fabric backstage at Cavalia Odysseo


September brought workshops presented by Carlos Salazar who performed Straps in the 2014 Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival. Every Sunday, Carlos presented new skills on straps to Aerial Fabric Acrobatics students and other students from other studios. Everyone made progress and had lots of fun.
Also in September, Rachel Gauthier was in town with the Cavalia Odysseo show. Rachel performed Innovation in the 2012 Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival. She is a fantastically gifted artist who was performing as an aerialist on aerial hoop and aerial fabric in the Odysseo show and also is one of the trick riders. She generously took everyone back stage, including Lynn’s 85 year old mother and also dropped by the gym to work out with Aerial Fabric. It was great to see Rachel perform in Odysseo. The show combines visual elements of video, outstanding horsemanship, acrobatics, and beautiful music. It was being filmed when in Denver, and Aerial Fabric was able to see the show as guests of one of the film directors who also purchased aerial fabric from the company.

Aerial Fabric at Odysseo Cavalia Rachel Gauthier and Lynn Coleman
Aerial Fabric at Odysseo Cavalia Rachel Gauthier and Lynn Coleman


Aerial Fabric on Cavalia Odysseo Stage
Aerial Fabric on Cavalia Odysseo Stage


Aerial Fabric with Rachel Gauthier and Buddy
Aerial Fabric with Rachel Gauthier and Buddy


Aerial Fabric Straps Workshop with Carlos Salazar
Aerial Fabric Straps Workshop with Carlos Salazar
Aerial Fabric Straps Workshop with Carlos Salazar
Aerial Fabric Straps Workshop with Carlos Salazar


Aerial Fabric Acrobatics hosted the first Workshop of the fall series with former Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival artists, Duo Rose. Sam and Sylvia of Duo Rose were winners in the First Festival in 2011 of the Best Technical Award. They were in Denver over the Labor Day Weekend with Shanaz King. Sam and Sylvia presented Duo Trapeze technique and Shanaz King presented Straps workshops. Sam and Sylvia were able to explain the basics of Duo Trapeze along with basics for solo trapeze, and some techniques for Duo Silks. They also fixed a trapeze that needed re-furbishing in the kitchen while in the background, via live stream TV, we were able to watch the Man burn at Burning Man in Black Rock City. It was a wonderful weekend filled with lots of learning, laughter, and fun. Amy Nash joined in while back in Denver from her stint in Australia working as an aerialist. We all enjoyed Thai food to celebrate the first in a series of workshops by visiting artists!Aerial Fabric Trapeze Workshop

Aerial Fabric Straps workshop with Shanaz

Aerial Fabric Duo Silks Workshop with Sam

Aerial Fabric Fixing Trapeze with Sam Sylvia and Shanaz

Aerial Fabric Burning Man and Trapeze Making

Aerial Fabric Celebration of Workshop Dinner

We finalized a new Limited Edition Tricot color: Tangerine Orange. This color is not quite the same as the popular Limited Edition Tricot of Electric Coral. It is a wonderful Orange with less pink overtones.
In other news, the event Aerial Fabric underwrites, the Aerial Acrobatic Art Festival has a new poster courtesy of graphic artist Suzie Shapiro.

Terry Cavaretta, Lynn Coleman, LJ Mintz

Lynn Coleman and David Mitchell visited Las Vegas and saw many friends in the Cirque du Soleil shows there. One of our judges, LJ Minz is a flyer in the trapeze act with Mystere, Ginger Griep Ruiz took us back stage of the Mystere show and we were awed by her flawless Aerial Silks act in the show. Lynn Flew trapeze at Terry Cavaretta Trapeze School.

We watched Pierre Luc on straps in the Ka Cirque show. Pierre performed with Aerial Fabric Acrobatics at the Church Nightclub in 2006. He has been on the Ka show for 9 years. We saw the Ka show in the light booth thanks to Yago.

It was a treat to visit with Sara Knaer who won the Best Performance at the 2012 Festival and is now performing in the Beatles Love show.

We also saw the Zarkana show and are happy to have worked with the Assistant Head of Rigging to provide aerial silks for an upcoming act in this show.

It is fantastic to see all the wonderful Cirque shows, including the incredible “O” show. La Reve, Blue Man, Absynth.David at Ka Lynn and Sara in Vegas Lynn at La Reve Lynn by Dragon at Ka Trapeze Terry & LJ

We added new Limited Edition Colors and started the research and development for new styles of Aerial Yoga Hammocks. We created a sister site: Aerial Yoga Hammocks

This site was created to better serve our growing base of  studios using Aerial Yoga Hammocks.

AAAF Teo Spencer

Aerial Fabric Acrobatics is the main sponsor for the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival. We were thrilled to host the 4th Festival at the Rawl’s Theater on the University of Denver campus. We had artists from all across the US. One of our judges is the main silks performer with Cirque du Soleil’ s Mystere show, Ginger Griep Ruiz. The winners of the Artistic Best, from Colorado, Ashley Smith and Daniel Nolasco on Duo Trapeze. Winner of Technical Best, Molly Graves from Nashville of Aerial Fabricators performed on Corde de Lisse. Winner of Innovation, Jackie Ward and Nicolo Kehrwald performed on Duo Straps, Winner of the Audience Choice Award, Eric Michaels on Corde de Lisse from Philadelphia Circus School, Winner of Best Over-All of the Festival, Teo Spencer on Aerial Silks.

The audience was enthralled with the marionette work of Geoff Marsh, and were amazed at the skill level of the aerialists as always. The Festival was filmed by David Mitchell of One-by-One, LLC, and photographic team: Scott Murphy and Brittany Murphy.

Over 20 artists travelled to Denver for the Festival. We had presentations by Nancy Smith of Frequent Flyers in Boulder, by Teresa Tipping, Chelsea O’Brian, Anna Vigeland, and a judges panel discussion that offered lively discussion on how to advance your aerial career. Thank you to everyone who made the Festival another success! All our Sponsors, our volunteers. Tatanya Hamermesh General Director, Lynn Coleman Producer, Marshall Garfield, Artistic Director, Barca Chase Production Manager, Kacey Raye Artist Coordinator, Rob Layne Artist Lodging. Megan Stern, Brian Hassler, Jamey Atchison as our back stage team. AAF Day 2-122AAF Day 2-51AAF 2014 Day 1-182AAF Day 2-264AAF 2014 Day 1-279

Aerial Fabric Acrobatics at Fantastic Host Rumpus-Sara 2

We welcome all our orders from across the world. We no longer will be carrying our portable rigs, although they are a product we are very proud of. We set up 2 of our rigs at the Rumpus in the park with the Fantastic Hosts party. It was a super cold day, but our aerialists performed all day anyway. Sara on Aerial Hoop, Andrew on Aerial Silks, Krissy Star on Aerial Silks, Chelsea Trinka on Aerial Silks. It is a tradition that Aerial Fabric brings the aerial to the Fantastic Host parties whenever possible, we have been doing this for 10 years.Aerial Fabric Acrobatics at Fantastic Host Rumpus-Sara 2 Aerial Fabric Acrobatics at Fantastic Hosts Rumpus-Sara Aerial Fabric Acrobatics Fantastic Rumpus-Sara on Silks Aerial Fabric Acrobatics Rumpus in Park Andrew on Silks Aerial Fabric Acrobatics Rumpus in Park Sara and Chelsea Aerial Fabric Acrobatics Rumpus with Sara and Krissy on Silks

As a sponsor of the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival, we have received many fantastic applications for the Festival in May. Our volunteer team is fantastic and includes many of our aerial silks teachers.

We will have the Festival in May at the University of Colorado Denver Campus. Our Workshop presenters include: Chelsea O’Brian who will bring her Aerial Kite workshop, Anna Vigeland who will have choreography, we will offer rigging workshops.

Marshall Garfield our Artistic Director will again direct the shows. We look forward to a super Festival that will connect the aerial community.

We had our Student show, the History of Rock and Roll. It was great to see all our students’ progress. Thank you to Tatanya Hamermesh, Director of Classes for putting on such a wonderful program.

Also in February we had a fun night of watching Circus Movies as a fund raiser for the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival. It brought supporters and we all enjoyed watching old movies like “Trapeze” with Burt Lancaster and Gina Lola Brigida. Along with the cutting edge Fuerza Bruta which played in New York.

We are supplying Aerial Yoga Studios around the World with Aerial Yoga Hammocks. It is exciting to see that Aerial Yoga Hammocks are used in Birthing Centers, also for Autistic Children as therapy. We have many studios in Greece, Italy, Thailand, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Finland, Ireland, and of course the US.

The application window opened for artists to apply to the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival. We also were happy to host a Workaway volunteer who volunteered to call all the aerial schools in the US. There are more and more aerial programs which is great to see. The art form of Aerial Silks has grown and now there are new competitions in the US featuring Aerial as a championship opportunity. We are happy to supply the many aerial studios around the country and around the world.

Aerial Fabric Trapeze Open Workout
Aerial Fabric Trapeze Open Workout

Our new open work-out for Trapeze has been quite a success. We have duo trapeze teams hard at work on new skills and new acts. It is a lot of fun on Monday nights!

Aerial Fabric Red Ball Performance
Aerial Fabric Student Show 2014
Aerial Fabric Student Show 2014

Our student show was well attended. Everyone did a great job! For the past several years, we have been invited to perform at the Red Ball Charity Event in Denver. Andrew Hill, exhibited his flexibility on the rope. His flair and style was appreciated by the guests of the event.

Aerial Fabric Red Ball Lynn and Andrew
Aerial Fabric Red Ball Lynn and Andrew


Aerial Fabric Red Ball Performance
Aerial Fabric Red Ball Performance
Aerial Fabric Red Ball Performance
Aerial Fabric Red Ball Performance

January was an exciting month. Tatanya Hamermesh and Lynn Coleman attended the Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival to show support, and to represent the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival. We met Geoff Marsh who came with his super talent to juggle and do marionette work at the Denver Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival. Aerial Fabric Acrobatics is a proud supporter of the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival, the first one in North America. Our customer’s have helped support a very unique event with every order they place with our company.

Our celebration of World Circus Day included aerial, fire spinning, juggling, hooping, and lots of laughter! Our Spring Student show: “We’re off to See the Wizard” will feature flying monkeys, and aerial witches, along with Dorothy, Toto, the Lion, Tinman, and Scarecrow.

Aerial Fabric Acrobatics held workshops with Paulette’s School of Dance in Toledo, Ohio. Paulette’s wonderful students all made fantastic progress in the workshops!

Megan Stern, Christina Schmitt, and Jamey Atchison are our new performers at the Church Nightclub.

Aerial Fabric Acrobatics is once again the proud sponsor of the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival, now in its third year. Applications are being accepted from across the US, Canada, and international semi-professional aerialists. Thank you to all our fellow sponsors including the University of Colorado at Denver Theater Department, and our graphic artist, Suzie Shapiro.


Eric and Lynn at Red Ball

Eric Pung performed Aerial Chandelier at the Red Ball charity event. Christina Schmidt, Jamey Atkinson, and Krissy Starr wowed the crowd on aerial silks at the Fantastic Host’s XXXmas party.

Aerial Fabric Acrobatics with Tanya Burka Backstage at Quidam.

Backstage Quidam with Tanya Burka

We were honored to visit with Tanya Burka backstage at Cirque du Soleil’s show: Quidam.

Aerial Fabric Acrobatics with Tanya Burka Backstage at Quidam.

Fantastic Host Party

Aerial Fabric provided duet aerial shows featuring Megan Stern, Liz Smith, and Tatanya Hamermesh  at the Fantastic Host’s Haunting Halloween party. We have provided aerial for the Fantastic Hosts for 10 years! Our first Fantastic Host Halloween event was in 2002.

Aerial Fabric 910 Arts Gallery

Our newest performer, Jamey Atkinson is also one of our newest instructors. Jamey worked with Disney on Ice. It is great to have Jamey as one of the team! He brings his show style and positive energy to all his aerial work. Photography by: Bryan Lopez

Aerial Fabric

Our Company show, Emotions: An Aerial Exploration was a success. This was our most theatrical setting and the range of expression and artistry by students and teachers received a standing ovation. We were happy to have the show at the King Center on the Auraria campus. Photography by Timothy Knott.

Portable Rig

AFA celebrates over 10 years of performing with the Church night club. We
have appreciated the support of the Christou family. AFA will perform at
Yoga Rocks the Park during the summer. We had fun July 1st! Megan,
Christina, and Jamie performed.

Lynn will be headed to Montreal for the Circus Festival there to see friends
and performers and watch lots of shows!

Jill and Aaron wedding First Dance

AFA performers celebrated one of our own couples as they joined in matrimony and said their vows on stilts at Apogaea. Their first dance was in the air.
Congratulations to Jill and Aaron. The wedding was a collection of
performances and joy!

Festival Photo

The Second Annual Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival was positive and inspiring! The artists came from all across the US and Canada for the two shows. We awarded Best Artistic to Ann Stimmel on Aerial silks, Emily Knoblah Best
Technical on Corde de Lisse, Best Over-all Performance award was given to Sara Knauer on Solo Silks, the Audience Choice was awarded to Colorado aerialist Allyson Ritchie. Our Young Aerialist from Seattle, Una Bennett on Corde de Lisse, and our Guest Innovative Performer was from Montreal, Rachel Gauthier on Trapeze and silks. Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors and artists who made the Festival a success!

World Circus Day

We performed for the Green Mountain High School Prom, and also celebrated World Circus Day!

Aerial Arts Festival photo

Tanya Burka came to Denver and did 17 hours of workshops on hoop, silks, contortion, and partnering as well as private sessions. Patti Miller organized the workshops along with Lynn and the money raised was donated to the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival.

Student Show Photo

Our Company show Razzle Dazzled: An Aerial take on Chicago was a true
success. It is our best show yet!

Balance variety Show

Aerial Fabric, Monaghan Communications, and the Oriental Theater teamed up
as Gravity Alliance to present BALANCE: A Variety Show November 5th. The
audience enjoyed aerial performances, Innovative pole artistry, contortion,
hoop artists, sword balancing, juggling, and magic.

Gabbi and Lynn

Gabi Rojas performed on Aerial Hoop at the Fantastic Hosts’ Forbidden Planet Halloween party. Her show is posted on the AFA video page.

Trapeze Rig

In preparation for the second Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival, Lynn visited many of the aerialists who came to the Festival from Northern California. She was happy to fly trapeze  at the San Francisco Circus School, Trapeze
Arts, and with TrapezePro. Her trip included a visit to AirAligned in Nevada City and classes at Kinetic Arts and Athletic Playground in Oakland.