Fighting Gravity Fitness located in Richmond, Virginia, offers a bunch of fitness classes that work all your muscles, which avoids injuries from overuse and the boredom of repetition. Not only do they have Aerial suspension (like Aerial yoga, Aerial Restorative, gentle stretch, pilates, sculpting, fun, and flips) but they offer Lyra classes and Bungee fitness.

Their clients love Lyra, bungee’s great cardio workouts, and their studio in general! In addition to all the wonderful classes mentioned above, this studio ALSO offers Mat Yoga, Pilates, Beach Body themes classes, Barre, and resistance fitness. They got everything a fit person could want! Fighting Gravity Fitness is a fun-loving, heart-pounding, fitness enthusiastic place welcoming in anyone willing to give it a try, which is what makes them out studio of the month!

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Fading Fast: A Color Experiment

One thing that needs to be considered when buying fabric for a studio or for performance is will the color be affected by direct sunlight? Well, don’t worry! We did it so you don’t have to worry when making your choice in color.

Just like our own delicate skin, the sun can damage your beautiful silks. Now, we aren’t scientists- but what could be more fun than throwing some fabrics outside and tracking when they fade? We tested tricots, tricots with stretch, and interlock fabric by laying them out in direct sunlight on the grass.

Our results are as follows:

Time Took to Fade

Within One Hour

After 2 Hours

No Change (After 11 hours)

Color of Fabric (All Types)



Red, Tangerine, Royal Blue, Black, Lavender, Purple, and all others

To conclude
All of our fabrics’ strengths will not be affected by direct sunlight, but Jade and Turquoise will fade quickly if left out long. So, if you have a portable rig, plan to spend the day outside, or perform in a sunny area, it is in your best interest to get one of the colors in the third row.