“Yoga is a journey…let’s take it together!”

Finding Bliss with Yoga Bliss Studio

What a treat to visit Yoga Bliss in Palm Springs, one of our recommended studios. While there, we  experienced a Floating Yoga session led by studio owner, Jenn as well as an Aerial Yoga class offered by Jivani. We appreciated the attention given to our breathing and quality of movement.

Yoga Bliss has a nine foot ceiling and the hammock attachment points are part of a custom reinforced system. Jenn finds our 5-yard double point adjustable hammock a good length for her studio. For Restorative Yoga and Floating Meditation she sets the hammocks at about 18 inches from the floor. For the Aerial Yoga class with inversions, the height is at hip height.

Yoga Bliss opened three years ago. The studio offers Yoga and Aerial Yoga classes, along with Teacher Training sessions. Jenn’s studio has recently been featured in the May issue of The Guide; Palm Springs Life, and it’s clear to see why: she truly does help those in her classes “Find their Zen.”We recommend Jenn’s classes and her teacher training, which are grounded in the tenets of Yoga while incorporating the advantages of the Aerial Hammock. We appreciate her focus on safety and attention to each student’s quality of movement.What a pleasure to meet Jen and Jivani and to experience our aerial hammocks in action! 

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Jenn’s Tip for Studio Owners

A quick and efficient way to disinfect the aerial hammocks and to remove any lingering body odor comes from an age-old theater technique that removes smells and disinfects costumes without damaging the fabric.  

While still hanging from the ceiling points, the hammocks are spread out and knotted together at the corners. Jenn uses a spray of cheap Vodka, diluted with water in a 1:1 ratio. The emphasis here is on cheap Vodka. Jenn also adds a touch of lavender essential oil to the solution. After being sprayed down, the hammocks are left out to dry, and, a few hours later, voilà! The hammocks are disinfected and any lingering odors are gone!