To calculate how much fabric you need for aerial dancing or acrobatics, first measure your ceiling height, or the height you will be hanging the fabric. If you think you will eventually use a higher space, then calculate for that height.

Multiply this number by 2.

If you are using feet as your unit of measurement, you will need to divide your number by 3 to determine the number of yards.

If you are using meters as your unit of measurement, then you will not divide by 3.

Once you have your total in yards or meters, then add 2 yards, or if using meters then add 2 meters to your total. This will give you extra fabric for a tail which is helpful if you are learning aerial silks. If you prefer not to have extra fabric on the floor, then do not add the extra 2 yards or meters.

However, it is best to round up if you have a fraction since you will order from the web site using yards as your quantity.

Remember, if you are using meters for your measurement, be sure to calculate how many yards you will need since your order will be measured and cut as yards.

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