Aerial Yoga Hammock (Basic)



Double point yoga hammock. Made from certified quality material/hardware. Comes fully assembled ready to install on 2 ceiling points. Great for relaxation, stretching, or back pain. Easy to clean, durable, comfortable and beautiful!


The premium fabric is made in the USA. It is Tricot 100% Nylon that is tightly woven, durable, soft, Easy to Clean, and is 9 feet wide.  It stretches on the width not length so it has some stretch helping to form to your body for comfort but does not stretch in length allowing you to sit in the hammock.

Choose a 4 yard hammock for an 8 foot ceiling, 5 yards for a 10 foot ceiling, 6 yards for a 12 foot ceiling

Basic Yoga Hammock Kit is used for Yoga Slings, Yoga Fitness, Relaxation, stretching, stress reduction, and back pain. It is long lasting,  and comfortable. Can be used by the whole family.

Assembled with 2 sewn black runners, 2 steel screw-gate carabiners rated for the climbing industry, so very strong!

The Basic Hammock can be washed by removing the black sewn runners and carabiners. When you are ready to re-assemble, refer to our “Answers” section on how to re-assemble or review our video here showing How to assemble your Basic Yoga Hammock.

Convert this hammock to a single point by adding a swivel. Assembly Video in Answers section.

Product Specifications

Basic Yoga Hammock made with 100% nylon 6 Tricot fabric. Made in the USA. It is 40 denier (thread thickness) 108 inches or 9 feet wide.
Our Aerial Fabric is rated for 2,000 pound dynamic load. We can provide certification of fabric strength upon request. Made in the USA

The black 1 inch sewn runners are rated at 28.9kN and made in the USA.
Steel screw gate carabiners are rated at 50kN certified for climbing standards.

*Multiple Links sold separately.

Equipment Care

Keep Turquoise and Jade out of the sunlight. Both colors fade in just one hour of sun.

Wash fabric in washing machine on gentle, use liquid soap like Woolite, do a rinse of cold water to clean soap from fabric.

Dry in dryer at medium heat.

Check Runners and multiple links for any fraying. Retire if there is fraying of any type.

Carabiners need to be kept dry. If using in salt air, check for corrosion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more information please visit our Answers Section where you will find Frequently Asked Questions, Instructional Videos, Articles and more. For further assistance feel free to contact us.


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