Aerial Dance Classes

Our Aerial Silks Curriculum was developed over several years. It is sequential and skill based. The instruction includes conditioning and introduces you to the skills needed to build many routines.

Our Instructional DVD curriculum is sequential with four levels of accomplishment, from beginner to intermediate. It is a five-fold approach, integrating skill acquisition, strength, flexibility, performance skills, and technique. Our approach incorporates movement principals and skills from Pilates, dance, gymnastics, yoga, and Feldenkrais. It has been effective in bringing success to all skill levels, and to all participants regardless of previous experience.

Aerial Instruction Level 1
Aerial Instruction Level 2
Aerial Instruction Level 3
Aerial Instruction Level 4

We can offer private instruction to fine-tune a routine or a performance. We also offer consultation to individuals and studios. Skype sessions are possible if you are not located in Denver. Please contact Lynn if interested.

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