Aerial Fabric With Shine (Special Colors)

Special Color fabric requires an additional 3-4 days depending on availability before it can be shipped out. Please factor this wait time into your deadline for delivery.

Please select a color then enter your Total Yards needed into the quantity box below.

Please select a color then enter the total yards needed into the quantity box below. One Quantity = One Yard. If you want the fabric cut into different lengths, please specify the length of each piece in the Order Notes during checkout.

This fabric is the same as our popular “aerial fabric with shine” though has additional color options. The fabric is a 40 denier nylon tricot. It is a minimal to no stretch knit fabric lengthwise, which means it does not stretch when you climb it, or as you sit in it as a hammock. Fabric stretch can be subjective. Please watch our video here showing the various levels of stretch between all our fabric options here.

The fabric is approx. 103 to 108 inches wide. We certify the aerial fabric is strong, breaking at 2,000 pounds of force. It is durable and easy to clean in the washing machine and can be dried in a dryer. For cleaning instructions, please refer to our article: How to Care for Your Aerial Silks.

If you are using it for aerial dance, you can make it more narrow if you have small hands. You do not need to seam the edge after cutting, the fabric will not run with a straight cut. Cut your fabric with a sharp pair of scissors.

You will notice adhesive dots that run down the length of the edge of the fabric. These are put on the fabric during manufacturing to keep the edges from curling. It is not a defect and they do come out with washing.

Our customers love our fabric for their Yoga studios around the world or in their homes. They love their Yoga Hammocks for Back Pain, Stretching, Stress Relief. It feels great and helps them enjoy their experience doing Yoga or Aerial Dance. Our fabric is the best on the market for Aerial Yoga Hammocks and Aerial Dance and is made in the USA.

Please note that the color photographed is approximate and can vary depending on your computer monitor, different types of lighting and vision.

To determine the length of fabric you need, please refer to our article: How much Aerial Silk do you need?

We want to help you as much as possible BEFORE you place your order since all orders are custom with no returns or refunds. If you have questions, please contact us.

Please note for international orders, customs clearance might increase the shipping time. We don’t refund for delays as this is out of our hands.

International Customers: Your shipment may be significantly delayed due to COVID-19 causing backups at customs. If you would like to go forward with your purchase, please know that we are unable to refund for shipping delays.

Product Specifications

Fabric is 40 denier (thread thickness), 100% Nylon 6, 108 inches or 9 feet wide. It stretches on the width not the length. It is tightly woven and breaks at 2,000 pounds when stress tested.
We can provide a certificate of strength for our Tricot Aerial Fabric upon request.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Thank you for your purchase of aerial fabric rigging materials and equipment from Aerial Fabric Acrobatics, LLC (“AFA”). We appreciate your business.

Our customers who purchase aerial rigging fabric acrobatic materials use them to assemble rigging for use in aerial fabric acrobatic activities. These activities are, by their nature, dangerous to all of the participating individuals including students and performers. AFA wants you to know that it is vital that anyone using its rigging materials be fully aware of prescribed industry methods for assembling rigging, including, but not limited to all necessary safety procedures and precautions.

We provide this warning to you to make you aware of, and sensitive to, your participants’ needs for safety and the absolute necessity to have competent assemblers and riggers assemble and install your apparatus.

You have not requested AFA’s assistance for your rigging activities except to assemble the fabric to the hardware provided. All hardware specifications are provided. AFA has had no role in examining the proposed location or configuration of your rigging or the precise ways in which you will use it.

AFA hereby disclaims any and all responsibility for your use of the rigging materials you purchase. We recommend that you engage competent professionals to assist in the rigging. You proceed at your own risk if you do not do so. AFA may offer you a separate agreement by which it will provide you on-site consultation to assist in the rigging procedure.

We CANNOT offer refunds or returns but we CAN help you in your ordering process.
Here at Aerial Fabric Acrobatics we take your needs, orders, and questions very seriously. We have worked with thousands of satisfied customers since 2002. We understand that ordering aerial equipment requires much consideration. Given that we fabricate many of these items to your order specifications we do not offer refunds or returns for any item. If you have any questions or concerns about your equipment needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us prior to making your purchase. All orders are custom orders and we treat them as such. We will assure each order is cut and assembled to your specifications and we verify the quality of all of the products we sell.

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