Grasp fabric above head, shoulders in between the fabrics, Thumbs down, Shoulders in front of the fabrics Lean forward and raise the free foot with toe to knee in a “stag” position Arch back for pose.
To Come Out: Put hips in middle of the fabric then bring shoulders behind so fabric is in front of the arms.

Running Pose

Arms and shoulders in front of fabric, hips and free leg behind the fabric. Shift weight back so there is space between thighs and fabric. Grasp fabric in front, by the thighs, lean back into the armpits with arms in a “T” position and shoulders down and away from ears. Push front leg forward and sink back into armpits with free leg in arabesque position.
To Come Out: Be sure to hold onto fabric with at least one hand as weight shifts back to center. Reach above head, one hand at a time and shift hips to the middle, fabric is on each side of the hips, shoulders are behind fabric so it is in front of the armpits.

Teeter Totter

Bring body so both strands of fabric are on the outside of both hips. Sit down, crossing the free leg over the leg that is in the foot lock, sit with fabric closer to knees than hips. If it is closer to the hips you can lose the foot lock. Remember to keep the foot in the lock flexed or the lock will come undone. Holding fabric at the level of the ears or hair line, straighten the locked leg so it is parallel with the ground, push hips up, arch back, head back, and place free leg with toe to knee in the stag position. If the hands are too low, it is possible to flip over. Keep the locked leg straight on this position.
Precaution: This trick needs to be spotted. The spotter needs to lift the hips from below.
To Come Out: Return back to sitting position, or keep locked leg straight and come to a standing position.


The fabric needs to be running up the midline and up the spine. This is a resting pose before starting the Twirly. Hold the fabric that is in front of the face with both hands at the level of the nose. Lean out towards the free leg with straight arms, take the free foot up and over the fabric being held with the hands, push the fabric down the locked leg from calf to ankle. Don’t push the fabric off the ankle or the foot lock can be lost. Continuing in same direction, pull the body up onto the strand of fabric being held. Do this motion a second time. Keep the locked foot flexed and the leg straight. Pose with the hands free from the fabric and the fabric running up the midline of the body. Let go of the fabric only after a balance point has been reached. The free foot can be in a stag position, or straight back.
To Come Out: Hold the fabric in front of the face at the nose level. Swing the free leg up and around once and then twice.
Precaution: In all foot lock poses: Keep the locked foot flexed
If you lose your lock just come down and start over.

Side Stag

Hold both fabrics together in front of the face. The free leg will come up and in front of the pole of the fabric, cross at the knee so the foot is pressed against the thigh of the leg with the locked foot. Reach above the head with the opposite arm from the locked leg, straighten arm. For a more horizontal pose, lower the handhold. This is a resting pose.
To Come Out: Allow weight to shift back to the center and come back to a standing position.


Standing in between the fabric, hold at the front edge of the back fabric and the outside edge of the front fabric. Spin to create a tornado effect with the fabric.

Angel Swing

Working from the floor, stand in between the fabrics, put them in front of the shoulders, cross the fabric behind the back for the first wrap. The second wrap is across the ribs, then cross behind the back for the third wrap. Pull the fabric tight, holding both tails, take the weight off the feet to spin and swing.

Slip Knot Poses

From the slip knot all the single foot lock poses can be done, remembering that the foot is not locked.

Slip Knot Metamorphosis

Stand with one foot turned out slightly, standing right on the knot. Hold onto the edges of the front fabric, have a good grip, lean forward with body pressed against the fabric for a half cocoon. Rotate body to one side of the fabric still holding onto the edges, lean out for the pose, then pull the body back into the center of the fabric.

Slip Knot Knee Hang

From a seated position,lower to the knees to hang from both knees. Then move to hang from one knee, holding on then moving into the pose on a single knee.

Straddle Back and Stag

From sitting, move so the knot is at the middle of the back, lean back into a straddle position.
To Come Out: Slide fabric to thighs to come back to seated position.

Stag Position
From straddle arch the back, bend one leg. The straight leg is in an arabesque position. Hips are facing the ceiling. Do both legs.

Half in Half Out

From the straddle position, thread one leg through so the lower leg is in front of the fabric in a bent position, one arm stays on the front of the fabric the other behind, allow weight to settle into the pose weight is held in the armpit, across the back and in the knee of the bent leg. With fabric on the side of the neck, cross straight leg over bent leg for the basket pose.
To Come Out: Free leg uncrosses, unthread other leg, lean back, then come back to a seated position.

In the Moon

Also Called Man in the Moon or Woman in the Moon
From the seated position, turn to face one of the fabrics, the fabric will be running up the center of your spine. Cross one leg over the other for the pose. Do both sides.

The Coffin

From a seated position, have one hand on the back fabric, the other hand on the front fabric, take the top leg and put the foot against the fabric press out, lift the hips, let the head come to one side of the fabric, push the shoulder into the fabric and the foot into the fabric, raise hips for the pose.

Angel Poses

From a straddle, thread one leg through, holding the fabric above the head, arch body out.


Take the outside edge of the front or back fabric, spread the fabric apart, put your shoulder into the fabric that is spread apart, bring your body so it is resting inside of the fabric, this can be done standing or sitting have the fabric around your back first, then work with the front fabric, move different parts of the body out of the cocoon.

Iron Cross and Stomach Balance

Iron Cross

From seated position, slide down to shoulders so arms are in a “T”. Slide out to the ground to end a routine or lean back to straddle back into the slip knot.

Stomach Balance

From straddle, hold with both hands to one side and pivot hips around so the stomach is on the knot. Lift chest up, grabbing fabric high and arch for the pose, keep legs together.

Bow Pose

Climb once with one finger in between the fabric. Climbing with fabric separated, hold fabric apart and dive the feet through the middle. Then warp each leg once and twice with the toes together and thighs together. For best results, keep the toes slightly turned up. Swim each arm through the middle of the fabric. For the pose, make sure the toes and thighs are held tightly together, arms are in a “T” position held out to each side.
To Bow:
Push the fabric over the hipbones, bend the knees, and tip forward while still keeping the legs and feet tight together. This is a good resting pose, and is a transition to the double foot lock. To move into the double foot lock, reach up over-head and pull up creating a loop to step into for the double foot lock.

Splits Roll up

Preparation on the Floor:
On the floor, go into splits and then roll over onto the stomach, the front leg swings up and over. Do this a second time.
On the Fabric:
When in fabric both legs will be locked. Hold onto the front fabric then, as on the floor, lean toward the stomach. Swing the heel of the front foot up and over, between the fabric. Then repeat, and pose.
To Come Out: Pull up a little bit and unwind yourself.

Knee Hang

In the double foot lock, cross the fabric behind the back elbows are between the fabrics, reach behind the head with one hand in front and the other around behind, pull fabric apart making a cross in the middle of the back. Push the cross over the hips to the knees, keeping the toes pointed outward. It is important to keep the toes pointed out so if fabric slips off the knees, it will be caught at the ankles. It is important to have a spotter for this trick.
To Come Out: Sit up.

Straddle Back Balance

Preparation on the Floor:
Do the jackknife with legs in a straddle position, then roll backwards like in a back roll position, hands in front of the face as if holding the fabric. The hips tip up and then roll back. If the back is arched, it is not possible to roll backwards. Try to roll backwards with the back arched to find out what happens. Then round the back, and roll backwards with legs in a straddle position to see it is easier with a rounded back. When on the fabric, make sure to round the back first, then roll back.
On the Fabric:
In the double foot lock, legs are together, thighs engaged. Take one arm at a time, thumbs down, lean forward a bit and reach in front of and behind the fabric that is behind your back. Pull the fabric into an “X” pull shoulders through so the “X” is at the waist. Straddle the legs; tucking the hips, like on the floor. Then pull up with the hands, and roll back pushing against the poles of the fabric to tip into the straddle-back position.Once in the straddle-back, play with the fabric, or have a partner spin you.
To Come Out: Roll forward, one fabric will be close to the back, hold this fabric with both hands, and with the shoulders in the middle of the fabric. The criss-cross will come undone in a smooth transition to the splits.

Hip Key

Preparation on the Floor:
Laying on the side do a fan kick with the legs then roll to a fetal position. Fan kick the other direction to determine which side is dominant.

On the Fabric:
Hold the fabric to one side, fan kick to bring the fabric onto the upper thigh. Fan kick in both directions. The fan kick allows the fabric to come under the front leg and over the back leg and up onto the upper thigh. To get into the fetal position, bring the fabric under the front leg, over the back leg and then around the back. Holding onto the tail, and onto the pole of the fabric above the head, tuck the body around pole of fabric in the fetal position.

The Hip Key has Three Parts. First, lean away from the pole of the fabric. Second, fan kick and look up to the ceiling. Third, roll into the fetal position, with the top leg crossed over the bottom leg. Rushing through the steps of the hip key prevent the fabric from being in the best position, on the hips.

On the Fabric:
Climb once, holding fabric to one side of the body. Lean away, fan kick, look at the ceiling, then roll into a tight fetal position with the top leg crossed over the bottom leg. It is now safe to let go and pose.
To Come Out: Open hips and roll out and back to climbing position.

Marionette Series

Climb with the fabric separated, do a double foot lock. Take one foot out to have a single foot lock on a single fabric. Hold the free fabric on the inside of the thigh and in front of the shoulder and bend the free leg so the foot is against the knee of the leg that is locked in the fabric. With the other hand reach around behind the back, bring the free fabric around the back then over the lap in front.
First Pose: Upside Down Arabesque
Hold the tail of the fabric at your waist or hip. Shift the weight backwards; thread the free leg up, and around the pole of the fabric from the outside to the Inside with the arch of the foot held firmly against the pole of the fabric. Lean back, still holding the tail of the fabric. The cross of the fabric should be held at the hips or waist if the hips are square and facing the ceiling. When secure, let go with both hands,and as long as the fabric is not slipping at the waist; pose in a “no-hands” upside down arabesque position. Keep the foot pressed against the top fabric to hold the leg in position.
Second Pose: Upright Arabesque
After posing, reach up and rotate, or open the hips. Keep the arch of the upper foot pressed against the fabric, or “sickled” against the pole of the fabric, move into the upright arabesque pose. If not as flexible, then allow the upper leg to bend.
Third Pose: Criss-Cross Stag Splits Position
After doing both the upside down arabesque and the upright arabesque, allow the foot to fall away from the fabric, and the leg to bend to come into the Criss-Cross stag splits position with the addition of a stretch forward.
To Come Out: Hold both fabrics in front of face, lean back and swing leg up and out between the fabrics. The other alternative is to move into the Cross Leg inverted hang or Lotus Hang.
Fourth Pose: Cross Leg Inverted Hang or Lotus Hang
With the fabric still wrapped across the back and over the stomach, after the Criss-Cross Stag Splits. Lean back, take foot out, lower down, crossing the free leg over the locked one. Hold the ankle to make sure the fabric is resting on the inner calf before moving into the inverted position.

Star Sweep

Preparation on the Floor:
Standing against a wall, raise arm that is against the wall. Turn body so it is rotated away from the wall; arm behind and against the wall. This will mimic the position on the fabric. If this is difficult, do not do the star sweep, as it will stretch the shoulder and arm. Do both sides.
On the Fabric:
From a double foot lock. Take out one leg to be in a single foot lock on a single fabric. Fabric comes across the body, same arm as locked leg. Wrap hand around low, at hip level, lean into the fabric and with it across your shoulders. Thread the upper arm around the fabric and grasp. Do not let the body drop too far down. Pose with the free foot propped against the pole of the fabric, forming a big “X”. Drop foot off and rotate the body so the stomach is facing the floor. Make sure the shoulders are engaged. Sweep free leg behind body, bring arm all the way through. Rotate back to the beginning position. Bend the knee and bring the body back to the standing leg.
Not recommended for those with any shoulder weakness.

Reverse Twirly

Do a single footlock, either the standard one or the figure 8. Stand between the strands of fabric, facing one so the back fabric crosses the calf and shin. Whichever hand is opposite from the locked leg. Swim it through the fabric so the back fabric strand is across the back. Similar to the arabesque or the Running Pose. Turn towards locked leg. Keep knees together, and tuck the free leg close to the body so it clears the fabric. Push fabric from knee down to ankle and sink body against the fabric, roll one more time, arch back and pose.
To Come Out: Pull up and roll the opposite direction.