Preparation on the Floor:
Stand with fabric in the middle of the body. Separate the fabric, wrap each foot individually so the ankles are exposed.

Like the single foot lock, the fabric is wrapped twice around the ankle, then placed under the arch of the foot. With the double foot lock, both feet will be wrapped. From the ground start with one leg, wrap it once then twice around the fabric. Then the other leg. Then, from the floor, pull up and step back to create the lock.
To Come Out: Put the fabric in front of the face pull up, point toes, and step forward.

On the Fabric:
Climb once with the index finger between the fabric holding fabric apart. Climb with fabric separated, hold fabric apart and dive the feet through the middle, between the fabrics. Wrap both feet at the same time or wrap one foot then the other. Shoulders should be down, lat muscles engaged, core engaged. Breathe. Pull up and step back in the loops of fabric created for the lock with the toes in a “pigeon toed” position. When feet are wrapped twice, and locked, do the splits on both sides, holding weight up by engaging the thigh muscles. For the splits pose, hold with one hand if secure, do not let go with both hands.

To Come Out: Pull body up, lifting legs to 90 degrees, step forward to let the fabric fall from both feet. Try not to kick.