Preparation on the Floor:
Laying on the side do a fan kick with the legs then roll to a fetal position. Fan kick the other direction to determine which side is dominant.

On the Fabric:
Hold the fabric to one side, fan kick to bring the fabric onto the upper thigh. Fan kick in both directions. The fan kick allows the fabric to come under the front leg and over the back leg and up onto the upper thigh. To get into the fetal position, bring the fabric under the front leg, over the back leg and then around the back. Holding onto the tail, and onto the pole of the fabric above the head, tuck the body around pole of fabric in the fetal position.

The Hip Key has Three Parts. First, lean away from the pole of the fabric. Second, fan kick and look up to the ceiling. Third, roll into the fetal position, with the top leg crossed over the bottom leg. Rushing through the steps of the hip key prevent the fabric from being in the best position, on the hips.

On the Fabric:
Climb once, holding fabric to one side of the body. Lean away, fan kick, look at the ceiling, then roll into a tight fetal position with the top leg crossed over the bottom leg. It is now safe to let go and pose.
To Come Out: Open hips and roll out and back to climbing position.