Preparation on the Floor:
Standing against a wall, raise arm that is against the wall. Turn body so it is rotated away from the wall; arm behind and against the wall. This will mimic the position on the fabric. If this is difficult, do not do the star sweep, as it will stretch the shoulder and arm. Do both sides.
On the Fabric:
From a double foot lock. Take out one leg to be in a single foot lock on a single fabric. Fabric comes across the body, same arm as locked leg. Wrap hand around low, at hip level, lean into the fabric and with it across your shoulders. Thread the upper arm around the fabric and grasp. Do not let the body drop too far down. Pose with the free foot propped against the pole of the fabric, forming a big “X”. Drop foot off and rotate the body so the stomach is facing the floor. Make sure the shoulders are engaged. Sweep free leg behind body, bring arm all the way through. Rotate back to the beginning position. Bend the knee and bring the body back to the standing leg.
Not recommended for those with any shoulder weakness.