Preparation on the Floor:
Do the jackknife with legs in a straddle position, then roll backwards like in a back roll position, hands in front of the face as if holding the fabric. The hips tip up and then roll back. If the back is arched, it is not possible to roll backwards. Try to roll backwards with the back arched to find out what happens. Then round the back, and roll backwards with legs in a straddle position to see it is easier with a rounded back. When on the fabric, make sure to round the back first, then roll back.
On the Fabric:
In the double foot lock, legs are together, thighs engaged. Take one arm at a time, thumbs down, lean forward a bit and reach in front of and behind the fabric that is behind your back. Pull the fabric into an “X” pull shoulders through so the “X” is at the waist. Straddle the legs; tucking the hips, like on the floor. Then pull up with the hands, and roll back pushing against the poles of the fabric to tip into the straddle-back position.Once in the straddle-back, play with the fabric, or have a partner spin you.
To Come Out: Roll forward, one fabric will be close to the back, hold this fabric with both hands, and with the shoulders in the middle of the fabric. The criss-cross will come undone in a smooth transition to the splits.