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Basic Adjustable Single Point Flying Trapeze Flying Yoga Dance
-Lengths: 4, 6, and 8 yards -installs at two points -great for home studio or placement at single height -adjustable by moving link on fabric -Lengths: 4 through 10 yards depending on need -installs at two points -multiple links allows easy height adjustment by 4-inch increments -Lengths: 5 through 10 yards -installs at a single point -includes swivel to allow for spinning -Lengths: 7 or 10 yards -installs at two points -includes sewn loops for either hand or foot holds -multiple links allows height adjustment in 4-inch increments -Lengths: 9 or 11 yards -Versatile! Can be assembled into multiple types of hammocks -Adjustable with 24 inch multiple links

Important Note: When using the hammocks, you need your attachment point to accommodate a 2,000 to 3,000 pound force; this is especially important if you plan to have more than one person in the hammock. When swinging, bouncing, and doing tricks in the hammocks, you are placing a dynamic load and shock load on the equipment as well as on your attachment point. Please reference our article on why this load is generated: What is Dynamic Load? To ensure that your attachment point can support a hammock, consult a rigger, SOMETHING I forgot the words….

Basic Aerial Yoga Hammock

Our Basic Aerial Yoga Hammock kit can be used for yoga slings, fitness, relaxation, stretching, stress reduction, and to relieve back pain. The material is comfortable, easy to clean, and durable.

The Basic Hammock installs at two points, allowing for easy getting in and out of it. It comes fully assembled, including two runners and two carabiners. You can adjust the height by moving the runners on the fabric, but the Adjustable hammock is recommended for individuals who will change the height of hammock frequently. For a home studio, or if you are planning on using the hammock at only one height continuously, choose between 4-yards for an 8-foot ceiling, 5-yards for a 10-foot ceiling, or 6-yards for a 12-foot ceiling.

Adjustable Aerial Yoga Hammock

The Adjustable Aerial Yoga Hammocks are used for aerial yoga in studios around the world. Also known as “slings,” they are assembled with between 4- to 10-yards of fabric with either Shine or other special order fabric. It is mounted at two points making easy to get in and out of as it does not spin. These hammocks are set at hip height, but can be lowered for restorative yoga or stretching.

The Adjustable yoga hammock includes: two steel screw-gate carabiners and two multiple links. Unlike the Basic Hammock, the Adjustable hammock can be raised or lowered in 4-inch increments.

Single Point Aerial Hammock

Some studios prefer the single point hammock as it reduces the need for 2 mounting points. We recommend always using a swivel for Single Point Aerial Yoga Hammocks to be able to incorporate choreography into aerial dance or for a young dancer who loves to spin!

The length of the hammock will depend on your attachment point or ceiling height AND the distance you need between the bottom of the hammock and the floor. For example, if you are planning on doing flip make sure your hammock is set at shoulder length to ensure there is enough space to perform your trick safely. The Single Point Hammock includes: two 9-inch runners, two steel screw-gate carabiners, one swivel, and one multiple link (to adjust the height). The multiple link is best used with with hammock to give yourself a bit more height when performing acrobatic movements, as you want enough space between the floor and your head.

There are a number of tricks and poses using a slip-knot that can be done in a single point hammock. Check out Level 1 and 2 of our Aerial Dance Curriculum for suggestions.

Aerial Flying Trapeze Yoga Hammock

The Aerial Flying Trapeze Yoga Hammock comes fully assembled at either 7 or 10 yards, depending on your ceiling height. You can choose between any of our Tricot with Shine colors, or special order a color (which only takes a few extra days). This hammock attaches at two points with an extra length of fabric used for hand or foot supports. We have found that loops offer better support than handles, as loops help support against wrist rolling and can fit on your feet. In addition, our hammocks are made from soft, durable fabric rather than stiff, parachute material.

The Flying Trapeze Yoga Hammock is great aerial fitness and offers an change for engaging core workouts!  This hammock includes multiple links so that you can easily adjust your hammock up or down depending on your needs.

Flying Yoga Aerial Dance Hammock Kit

Our most versatile hammock, the Flying Yoga Aerial Dance kit can be assembled into a Flying Trapeze Aerial Yoga Hammock, an Adjustable Yoga Hammock, a Single Point Hammock, or an Aerial Dance set-up! Included with your purchase details is a PDF showing you how to configure the kit to suit your needs.

This hammocks does come assembled with between 9- to 11-yards of fabric for ceiling heights between 8- to 11-feet. While it comes with all the hardware, we do not include a ceiling mount point.

This kit is popular for home studios and individuals who are exploring aerial yoga or dance. Levels 1 and 2 of our Aerial Curriculum can help take your aerial adventures to the next level while using this kit!