What is the difference between the Hammocks?

Aerial Yoga Hammocks Reviewed are: Basic Yoga Hammock, Aerial Yoga Hammock Double Point, Aerial Yoga Hammock Single Point, Aerial Flying Trapeze Yoga Hammock and Flying Yoga Aerial Dance Hammock Kit

Basic Aerial Yoga Hammocks:
Our Basic Aerial Yoga Hammock kit is used for Yoga Slings, Yoga Fitness, Relaxation, stretching, stress reduction, and back pain. It is long lasting,  comfortable, easy to clean. And can be used by the whole family.

The Basic Hammock has two attachment points making it easy to get in and out of. It comes assembled with 2 runners and 2 carabiners and is ready to install into your ceiling points. It is durable and super comfortable. You can adjust the height, but is not as easy to adjust the height as our Aerial Yoga Hammock Double Point because it does NOT include multiple links (also known as Daisy Chains).

For a home studio, or if you are only planning on using the hammock at just one height, choose a 4 yard hammock for an 8 foot ceiling, 5 yards for a 10 foot ceiling, 6 yards for a 12 foot ceiling.

Aerial Yoga Hammock Double Point:
Double Point Yoga Hammocks are used for Aerial Yoga in studios around the world. These hammocks also called “slings” are typically assembled with between 4 to 10 yards of Tricot with Shine or Tricot Special Order fabric, (depending on the studio). These hammocks come with 2 steel carabiners, and two 24 inch multiple-links. The multiple-link is also called a “daisy chain” and it allows the hammock to be raised and lowered in 4-inch increments. We assemble our double point Aerial Hammocks by “choking” the multiple link to the aerial fabric. It allows for adjustment and it is easily taken off to wash the fabric. The Double Point Aerial Yoga Hammock is mounted from 2 points with the fabric hanging between the 2 points. It is easier to get in and out of a double-point hammock. It does not spin.  The top points of the hammock are set at shoulder width or hip width. This is between 19 inches to 24 inches apart. The bottom of the hammock can be set at hip height or can be lowered to a few inches from the floor,  for Restorative Yoga or stretching.

Some studios prefer the single point Hammock. This reduces the need for 2 mounting points. However, it is slightly less easy to get into a Single Point Aerial Yoga Hammock and it will spin. We recommend always using a swivel for Single Point Aerial Yoga Hammocks. If you are planning on doing aerial dance and want to incorporate choreography that includes spinning, then the Single Point Aerial Hammock is for you.

Aerial Yoga Hammock Single Point:
Single Point Aerial Yoga Hammocks are used for aerial dance or Aerial Yoga. The Single Point Aerial Yoga Hammock is assembled with 5 or more yards of Tricot with Shine or Special Order fabric. There are two 9 inch runners, three carabiners, one swivel, and one multiple link. The swivel keeps the attachment point from being stressed and the fabric from twisting. If you are working with children, the single point allows for lots of spinning and hours of fun. The multiple-link allows the hammock to be raised and lowered at 4 inch increments. You will want just a bit more ceiling height with the aerial hammock single point if you are planning on doing acrobatic movements. It is best to have good clearance of your head from the floor.

The length of your hammock will depend on your ceiling height, or attachment point AND on the distance you need the bottom of your hammock to be from the floor. If you plan on doing any flipping, please make sure you have your hammock set closer to your shoulder height from the floor.

There are a variety of poses and tricks done in aerial dance using a slip-knot that you can perform in a single point Aerial Hammock. Refer to our Aerial Dance Curriculum, Level 1 and 2 for suggestions.

Remember when using the hammocks, that you want your attachment point to accommodate a 2,000 to 3,000 pound force. This is important if you plan to have more than one person in the hammock. When swinging, bouncing, and doing tricks in the hammocks, you are placing a dynamic load and shock load on the equipment and on your attachment point. Please reference our article on why this load is generated. What is Dynamic Load?

Aerial Flying Trapeze Yoga Hammock
The Aerial Flying Trapeze Yoga Hammock comes assembled with either  7 or 10 yards of Aerial Fabric Tricot with Shine. You can choose the length of fabric, depending on your ceiling height, and you can choose either the colors we stock or a special order Aerial Flying Trapeze Yoga Hammock. Allow for a few extra days if you want a  special order hammock.

The Flying Hammock is mounted from two ceiling points and has an extra length of fabric on each side that can be adjusted and used as either hand or foot supports.

This hammock is a popular style and ours is made with soft durable fabric NOT stiff parachute material. We use loops not handles for extra support for hands or feet. The loops are preferred because they do not roll your wrist and they fit on your feet. If you want to use this hammock for aerial fitness, it offers the opportunity for a good core work-out. It gives great versatility for any style of Yoga or Fitness.

It comes with multiple links so you can adjust this hammock up or down easily.

Flying Yoga Aerial Dance Hammock Kit
The Flying Yoga Aerial Dance Hammock Kit gives the very most versatility! You can assemble the Aerial Fabric to be a Flying Trapeze Aerial Yoga Hammock, a Double Point Hammock, Single Point Hammock, or an Aerial Dance set-up. It comes assembled with either 9 or 11 yards of fabric and was developed for ceiling heights of between 8 to 12 feet. It comes with all the hardware you will need to assemble but does not include a ceiling mount point. We offer a PDF showing instruction on how to configure the kit to suit your purpose.

It is popular for a home studio or for use by an individual who would like to explore aerial Yoga or aerial dance. Our Aerial Curriculum Level 1 and Level 2 are helpful when taking your aerial adventure to a new level using this kit.