Why Use Swivels?

We sometimes learn that aerialists do not use swivels as a way to save money on hardware costs. We ask: Why risk your safety?

Swivels will keep your Aerial Hammock or Aerial Silks from twisting which makes it hard to separate. Swivels also reduce the lateral stress on your attachment point. This is essential!

It is NOT recommended to suspend yourself from a single point in aerial silks, aerial hammock, or aerial hoop without the use of a swivel. We know some people do rig themselves without swivels but we cannot stress enough that it is NOT recommended.

Swivels are meant to keep you moving safely. We carry swivels that are made with aluminum, but they have steel ball bearings inside.

Rated strength of our swivels is 26kN

We recommend that you inspect your swivels with each use.

Please do not drop your swivel.

Retire the swivel if it has a crack, sharp edge, burr, irregular rotation, or if it does not spin without resistance. Life expectancy is 5 years depending on frequency of use. Protect your swivel from water, heat, or corrosive materials.

Swivels have the ratings engraved on them, as they need to meet the proper safety standards. All our equipment is designed and built by industry standard companies, to withstand the rigors of life safety and climbing.

2 thoughts on “Why Use Swivels?

  1. I have been using a swivel for my silks for the past year. I just changed studios and noticed that the carabiner has worn a shallow groove in the top of my swivel. Should I replace the swivel, and if so, how can I prevent this from happening again so soon?

    1. Lorraine: We have swivels that seem to exhibit this same wear pattern. I keep a close eye on them. The wear is due to the steel being a harder metal than the aluminum. When you are attaching to steel though, it is important to have a steel to steel connection. This is why we sell steel caribiners. You may want to watch how your swivel is rotating. Is there a lot of lateral movement such as swinging? If so, you are loading the swivel more to one side than the other. Observation, is one of your best tools and also noting if the wear is getting worse. If so, I would suggest getting a new swivel. If you are attaching to a span set, you would not have need for the steel caribiner. You could switch to an aluminum caribiner which will be similar to the swivel as to the hardness of the metal. Make sure your aluminum caribiner is the right KN. We are considering carrying aluminum caribiners on the site, but to this point have felt it best to stick to steel. I hope this helps answer your question. Thanks, Lynn

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