Aerial Fabric World Circus Day

April 20, 2019 is the 10th annual World Circus Day! This marks ten years of celebration for a classic form of entertainment that has amused and delighted crowds for centuries. Performances have changed quite a lot since the 1700s, when they first began with horse riding tricks, and evolved to include magicians, jugglers, tightrope walkers, and other entertainers, all of whom served to add a little more flavor to the fun.

Nowadays, the circus is a diverse display of all the wonders that humans can do! Fire-breathers, acrobats, and others all perform great feats nightly to celebrate the power of passion, persistence, and perseverance. We may not all enjoy certain aspects of the circus, like the death-defying stunts or the goofy clowns, but this World Circus Day we can all try to have a little more fun. 

You can find a circus near you or simply take your children, your significant other, your friends, or your dogs, and go out and play! You can even bring the fun home with an Aerial Yoga Hammock or an Aerial Dance Kit of your very own from our online store! However you choose to celebrate World Circus Day this year, don’t forget to make it a fun one.
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Featured Studio: Aerial Fun and Fitness

“We have way too much fun being strong”

Aerial Fun and Fitness has been purchasing aerial equipment from Aerial Fabric Acrobatics for several years and they’re super fun to work with! We think you should check them out, which is why they’re our studio of the month!

Aerial Fun and Fitness has locations in both Phoenixville, PA and Newark, DE,  and offers a range of Aerial classes, as well as Aerial Fitness Teacher Training Certification. Established by Zina DiTonno, this great studio has an Aerial Fitness program that is adapted from a VaihAyasa Aerial Yoga based program. They truly have a style for all, whether that be gentle and restorative, fun and flying, or power and strength-building. This award-winning studio uses Aerial Yoga Hammocks with added acrobatic and traditional Yogic elements. You can go to relax and manage your stress, or join their classes simply for the fun of it!

They also offer Aerial Thai, Aerial Barre & Conditioning, Hula Hoop Fitness, Lyra Mixed, as well as Sports & Thai Massage sessions. As they put it: “One Hammock. Many Styles.” You can say that again!

The Aerial Fitness Teacher Training Certification that they offer consists of over 100 hours of training, along with Master Instructor Training. The application for training is available on the Aerial Fun and Fitness website.

The people over at Aerial Fun & Fitness are currently excited about their upcoming showcase—they’re performing their first-ever bungee dance with black light piece! Also, contact Zina if you’re interested in hearing more about the new teacher manual that she’s got in the works!

Go check them out here!

Also, if you want to be a featured studio in the future, click here!