First measure the entire width of the aerial fabric, and decide what width you would prefer. If the fabric is 108” inches wide, and you would like it to be 90” inches wide, you would subtract the desired width from the original width. In this case, you would be stripping 18” inches off of the width of your fabric.

Lay your fabric down flat in an area with space for the length of a few yards at a time. Using a yardstick, measure 18” inches from one side of the fabric’s width and mark this place. Measure and mark this again roughly a foot and a half down the length of the fabric.

You can also draw a line connecting these two marks, to ensure that the fabric is cut perfectly, but we find that eyeballing the scissor line is just as effective and takes less time. Remember that once the fabric is hung, the edges will begin to roll in on itself and any imperfect cuts will be hidden.

We prefer to cut about a foot and a half at a time and then find the next mark, but it is also effective to mark your measurements all the way down the length of the fabric before you begin to cut. It is a preference.

We also prefer to cut while seated on the floor in a straddle position. This allows a good eye line to see where you are cutting, more room for your hands while they cut, and a perfect opportunity to continue stretching!