What is the difference between the Basic Hammock and the Double Point Hammock?
The Basic Hammock does not include Multiple Links (also known as Daisy Chains). It is designed to be set at one height. If you want a home use Yoga Hammock, the Basic Hammock is great.

If you have a studio where you want to adjust the hammock height for each student, then the Double Point Hammock is best because it is assembled with two Multiple Links that allow adjustment of the hammock height in increments of 4 inches.

What type of fabric do I need for a hammock?
Our Aerial Fabric, Tricot with shine is the best. It is 108 inches wide, stretches on the width not the length. This means it has some stretch making it comfortable. It is tightly woven, strong (it breaks with 2,000 pounds of force). It is easy to clean and made in the USA. We can provide you with a certificate of strength on request.

How long does my Basic Hammock need to be?
A 4 yard Basic Hammock is Best for a 9 to 10 foot (2.75 to 3 meter) ceiling if you want the bottom of your hammock to be at hip height from the floor.

A 5 yard Basic Hammock is best for Restorative Yoga if you want the bottom of your hammock to be close to the floor and you have a 9 to 10 foot (2.75 to 3 meter) ceiling.

How long does my Double Point Hammock need to be?
Select a 4 yard Double Point Hammock for a 9 to 10 foot (2.75 to 3 meter) ceiling if you want the bottom of your hammock at hip height from the floor. The Double Point Hammock comes assembled with two 24 inch (61cm) multiple links. This adds another 24 inches or (61cm) for adjustment up or down. Either a 4 yard or a 5 yard Double Point Hammock can be used in a 9 to 10 foot ceiling with the bottom of the hammock either at hip height or close to the floor.

Can my ceiling support Aerial Yoga? If so, how many people can I have in the air at once?

If you are thinking of adding Aerial Yoga to your studio, a great first step is to learn if your ceiling can support a dynamic load, or force that is moving. In other words, you want your ceiling to support people who are suspended in the air and moving in the air safely!

A structural engineer can tell you if your ceiling and your structure is strong enough to support an aerial program, how many people can be supported, and how best to attach your hammocks to your ceiling.

The standard for safely suspending humans is to have each hammock be able to support a 2,000 pound (907 kg) working load. Why is it such a high number? It is based on a 200 (90.7 kg) pound person and has a safety factor of 10. Safety is super important so if you think you will have a person who is over 200 pounds in your studio, increase the working load limit to 3,000 pounds (1,361 kg).

If you are suspending 6 people, this means your ceiling needs to support all of their combined weight all moving at once.

A structural engineer is trained to determine working load limits for structures. They are trained to calculate if your ceiling and your structure can support your aerial program.

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