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  • New in October: What’s Up Section

    Published on: 09/19

    • It is wonderful to hear your success stories, see your photos,  and  learn from your tips! We will be launching a new section on our website in October to share the tips, stories and photos you share with us called: What’s Up It is just another way to connect you to other studios and trainers…Read More

  • Thank You + Fabric Differences

    Published on: 08/19

    • Thank You! What an honor to supply you with quality aerial equipment! We have made so many wonderful friends since 2002 and hope to make many more! Use code ThankYou2019to receive 10% off your order of $100 or more! Soon, we will be launching a new section on our website called What’s Up! What’s Up…Read More

  • Featured Studio: Source Studio

    Published on: 06/19

    • Source Studio has been purchasing their hammocks from Aerial Fabric Acrobatics for some time and we’ve really enjoyed working with this inspiring studio that focuses on health and well-being! We think you should check them out, which is why they’re our studio of the month! Source Studio is located in Riverside, California and offers a variety of…Read More

  • Featured Studio: Yoga Bliss

    Published on: 05/19

    • “Yoga is a journey…let’s take it together!” Finding Bliss with Yoga Bliss Studio What a treat to visit Yoga Bliss in Palm Springs, one of our recommended studios. While there, we  experienced a Floating Yoga session led by studio owner, Jenn as well as an Aerial Yoga class offered by Jivani. We appreciated the attention given to…Read More

  • World Circus Day: Family, Friends, and a Whole Lotta Love

    Published on: 04/19

    • April 20, 2019 is the 10th annual World Circus Day! This marks ten years of celebration for a classic form of entertainment that has amused and delighted crowds for centuries. Performances have changed quite a lot since the 1700s, when they first began with horse riding tricks, and evolved to include magicians, jugglers, tightrope walkers, and…Read More

  • Featured Studio: Fighting Gravity Fitness

    Published on: 03/19

    • Fighting Gravity Fitness located in Richmond, Virginia, offers a bunch of fitness classes that work all your muscles, which avoids injuries from overuse and the boredom of repetition. Not only do they have Aerial suspension (like Aerial yoga, Aerial Restorative, gentle stretch, pilates, sculpting, fun, and flips) but they offer Lyra classes and Bungee fitness….Read More

  • Valentine’s Day: Caring, Sharing, and Pairing

    Published on: 02/19

    • The Colors of the Heart We often think of pink for the heart or for the feminine self, but pink used to be the color for young boys (it was a milder version of of red-a manly color). So let’s step back from reds and pinks this Valentine’s day- Anahata (the heart chakra) is a…Read More

  • New Year, New Looks, and New Ideas!

    Published on: 01/19

    • New looks come to our website! Our goal this year is to make a better, clearer, and more interactive website. So look for some changes to our looks, but rest assured, we will still be offering the same quality goods to wonderful studios and trainers like yourself! We want to make it easier for new…Read More