An alternate single foot lock. For some single foot lock poses this is the preferred lock, especially the Twirly.
Preparation On the Floor:
In the climbing position, one wrap, take the fabric that is coming up the inside of the calf. With the other foot, push it over the top of the foot being locked, around to the outside and under the arch, making a “Figure 8” over the top of the foot.
To Come Out: Take the unlocked foot, push the top fabric forward off the foot.
On the Fabric:
Climb once, lean back with straight arms and legs. Foot that is pushing the fabric is turned in a “pigeon toe” position. Let the bottom foot slide a little to make slack for the lock.
To Come Out: Lean back and with the free foot pointed out, kick the fabric off the locked foot.
Use the Figure 8 foot lock for the Twirly from Level 1 Aerial Fabric Instructional Material, as it is more difficult to lose this lock.