Preparation on the Floor:
When on ground, do leg circles, with knee bent at 90°.
Circle foot towards the standing leg, point the foot through the bottom of the circle and flex through the top.
Articulate the ankle.
On the Fabric:
Fabric is on the inside of the body, and on the inside of the thigh, the leg circles once as in the climb, then circles one more time. Reach above head, lean back with straight arms, take free foot and push the fabric under the heel to the instep or arch of the foot. Pull to upright or standing position.
To Come Out: If low to the ground, step back, raising leg to 90°, point foot so fabric comes off the heel and the front of the foot or the toes. Let the fabric fall from the foot Shaking the foot or stepping back not forward can result in getting stuck in the foot lock. If stuck, rest, breathe do not flail or kick Take weight off foot by climbing, Then repeat the lift of the knee to 90°, Point the toe, so the fabric can fall forward from the foot.
Make sure you are breathing out more than in.