We had our Student show, the History of Rock and Roll. It was great to see all our students’ progress. Thank you to Tatanya Hamermesh, Director of Classes for putting on such a wonderful program.

Also in February we had a fun night of watching Circus Movies as a fund raiser for the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival. It brought supporters and we all enjoyed watching old movies like “Trapeze” with Burt Lancaster and Gina Lola Brigida. Along with the cutting edge Fuerza Bruta which played in New York.

We are supplying Aerial Yoga Studios around the World with Aerial Yoga Hammocks. It is exciting to see that Aerial Yoga Hammocks are used in Birthing Centers, also for Autistic Children as therapy. We have many studios in Greece, Italy, Thailand, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Finland, Ireland, and of course the US.