New looks come to our website!

Our goal this year is to make a better, clearer, and more interactive website. So look for some changes to our looks, but rest assured, we will still be offering the same quality goods to wonderful studios and trainers like yourself! We want to make it easier for new adventure seekers to find hammocks and more without being overwhelmed at the choices.

We are also snazzing up our social media accounts as we embrace 2019 digitally! If you don’t already, follow us on Facebook (@AerialFabricAcrobaticsLLC), Instagram (@Aerialfabric), or Pinterest (@aerialfabric). We already post news updates and are hoping to interact more with studios and trainers as we see them post exciting milestones or fantastic performances!
As you see changes come up, feel free to give us feedback! If you have anything to say feel free to take this short survey:

New Idea: Featured Studios

Maybe you have a new class, or you are pioneering a new approach that is really helping your students, or you are just proud of the work your studio has put in- no matter what, we want to hear about it! So each month we plan to cast a spotlight on one studio or trainer who have taken their students to a new and exciting level. If interested, submit a photo and brief description to and it may be
featured in next month’s newsletter. We look forward to seeing your great work!

Answers to Your Questions!

As always, our website has a FAQ section. We are revamping the answers and trying to simplify our work to make it easier for people to read through. One of the most asked questions is: “What’s the difference between hammocks?” Well, we’ve created an easy chart to help compare! But that’s not all, to see the rest of our answer click here (