The answer: Yes, Turquoise and Jade Tricot with Shine Fade in sunlight.

We did a sun-fading test in the bright Colorado sunshine and found that the tricot with bounce and Interlock aerial fabric did not fade. However, Turquoise and Jade Tricot with Shine DID FADE.

We timed our test and checked all aerial fabric after one hour. The turquoise had gray streaks, not at all attractive. After two hours the Jade had faded to a lighter color.

All other colors, including the Tricot Special Order Aerial Silks were color fast after 11 hours of direct sun exposure.

Our results are as follows:

Time to Fade Fabric Color (All Types)
Within One Hour Turquoise
After 2 Hours Jade
No Change (After 11 hours) Red, Tangerine, Royal Blue, Black, Lavender, Purple, and all others

We followed up our sun-fading test to see if the faded aerial fabric still met our criteria for a break strength of 2,000 pounds.

The answer: Yes, the tensile strength of the aerial silks was not affected by sun fading. Even after 11 hours in the sun!

To conclude:

All of our aerial fabrics’ strengths will not be affected by direct sunlight, but Jade and Turquoise will fade quickly if left exposed to UV light through a window or in direct sunlight after just 1 to 2 hours of exposure. So, if you have a portable rig, plan to spend the day outside, or have a sun-filled Aerial Yoga studio, we recommend purchasing any of our other beautiful Aerial Silks that are not Turquoise or Jade for your Aerial Yoga Hammock or your Aerial Silks.