Aerial Shows

We have been performing at the Church Nightclub in Denver since 2002. Elizabeth Smith is one of our performers and also she is an excellent teacher. Liz has a unique style of movement and she is willing to share her ways of linking tricks with our more intermediate and advanced students. Tatanya Hamermesh is… Read more

March 2006

Aerial Fabric Practice

Montview practice. [jcarousel source=”post” link=”image” limit=”10″ items=”4″] Some pictures from a really nice Spring practice.

September, 2006

Cirque Performers

cirque in town Cirque du Soleil’s Delerium show is in town and they are using the Church as a practice space. Marshall, their coach, visited us and honored us with his review and comments.

september 9, 2006


last bbq of the season Jeena visited us from Florida for the last BBQ party of the season.

october 15, 2006


Bama is a dynamic new bungee performer with us – he break dances in the air. We are developing a twist to our bungee shows with new equipment and will be developing some more shows with two girls on fabric and hoop.

january 15, 2007

Aerial Fabric Jeena

A quick update from Jeena in Florida. Apparently she misses Denver’s freezing blizzard weather but she is making up for it by working hard on her rig! [jcarousel source=”post” link=”image” limit=”10″ items=”3″]

january 25, 2007

Aerial Fabric in the snow

Unbelievable! Julie came in from North Carolina during the massive blizzards that hit Denver. She shoveled a path through the snow drifts to our practice rig and set up the fabric! She is amazing. [jcarousel source=”post” link=”image” limit=”10″ items=”3″]

april, 2007

Aerial Fabric visits Cirque Headquarters

Our visit to Montreal was truly amazing! Thanks to Marshall Garfield we were able to visit Tohu, an amazing venue, the National Circus School, Cirque Eloize, and Cirque du Soleil headquarters which is enormous and still growing! We learned a great deal and met many wonderful people. Marshall was fantastic in arranging all of our… Read more

april, 2007

Aerial Fabric visits Cirque Marshall

Photo of us with Marshall Garfield, in the Cirque dining hall with the arch by Andrew Goldsworthy in the background. [jcarousel source=”post” link=”image” limit=”10″ items=”2″]

april, 2007


Julie was in town briefly and did a quick performance at Denver School of the Arts. She whipped herself into shape within a week and now is back in North Carolina. We worked with the DSA senior tech students and their show was great. [jcarousel source=”post” link=”image” limit=”10″ items=”3″]

may, 2007

Aerial Fabric at The Church

In May, Jennifer did her first fabric show at the Church. She is a great addition to our performing and teaching corps!

july, 2007

Aerial Fabric Practice

We have had a great time making friends with several of the performers and their wives and children who are in Denver with the Cirque Corteo show. Christine purchased fabric from us and has brought her friends Claire and Tasha to our practice sessions along with her daughter Mya. Christine’s husband, Fred is one of… Read more

august, 2007


Here are a few photos of Bama and his group doing Parkour at Elitches Xcity show. They have been doing 3 shows a day all summer and will end their run with Elitches on August 12th. Tanya and I were amazed at their athletic prowess while scaling the towers and buildings of the set. It… Read more

more august, 2007

Aerial Fabric practice

We were honored to have Florence, a performer with the Cirque Corteo show come by our practice. She was training Christine and we watched her training after one of the Corteo shows. We also had a chance to get to know Oleg who is a great hand-balancer in the Corteo show. We enjoyed becoming friends… Read more

september, 2007

Julie and Matt

Julie, one of our favorite performers was married to Matt in September. They met while trying out for the National Circus School in Montreal. The wedding was in Bisbee Arizona. We wish Matt and Julie all the best as they chart a new life together.

august, 2007

Clarion, Lynn, Tanya, Gail

Gail, violinist from Corteo, and LJ, trapeze artist from Miami, joined us in August. Also Gails’ niece, Clarion. Jennifer has performed a few times at the club. She has a different repertoire of tricks and so is a valuable asset for performing and teaching. We were happy to have LJ visit and perform on the… Read more

august, 2007

LJ on bungee

LJ, trapeze artist from Miami, joined us in August. Jennifer has performed a few times at the club. [jcarousel source=”post” link=”image” limit=”10″ items=”4″]

september, 2007

Aerial Fabric Jenna

Jenna practicing for her first bungee show Nov 1st. Photos soon.

october, 2007

Aerial Fabric Gia

We have made friends with other performers who have ordered our fabric. Gia Bathory from Nashville ordered red fabric for her show, Devil’s Night 07 and sent us photos. Thanks Gia! [jcarousel source=”post” link=”image” limit=”10″ items=”4″]

november, 2007

Kansas City Workshop

In October we held our first workshop Kansas City, MO. There were 16 participants who did fantastic. Rachel and John were the hosts at their warehouse. David provided massage therapy and Sean was our one brave male participant. We look forward to returning to Kansas City Dec 1 and 2 for the next workshop.